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Ronald Reagan is Right

Why is it that every single thing government does; it does not do well? Why is it that every single mistake of any real hurt is caused by the government? Why is it that every time government screws up AGAIN, we are told that they will fix the problem? Yah right? When has government ever […]

Thoughts Born of Tragedy …

…”history may judge us to be the real bully if, in the our rush to punish someone, we act in ways contrary to our core beliefs and values as a nation”… Speaking as one who is closer to the end of life than the beginning, the observation that “those who do not know or understand […]

The Rosicrucian Council of Three

THE ROSICRUCIAN COUNCIL OF THREE: A Thelema/OTO leader who became a Mason in 2003 told me that I am silly to talk about the Rosicrucian Council of Three because it is no longer in existence. Yes Clymer, Paine and Franklin are all dead physically despite the machinations and rituals to prolong life that these people […]

Lyndon Johnson – The Day After Dallas

J. Edgar Hoover and LBJ used to enjoy watching Hoover’s agent filmed blackmail evidence for all Washington movers and shakers and we are now a lot more aware of the nature of the unelected Tyrant who rulled for five decades. But what involvement did LBJ and Prescott Bush have with the Assassination squad headed by […]

Thune Republicans: Sudden Friends of the Working Person?

The Right’s defense of John Thune in the Dan Nelson/MetaBank MetaGate intrigue has taken an odd twist: the Daschlistas lost people their jobs at DNA. Sen. John Thune did not campaign on a platform of increasing minimum wage, supporting unionization, or otherwise doing anything to help working South Dakotans (and by extension, working Iowans and […]

Global/Israeli Corruption!

What depth of blind insanity has inflicted itself upon Israel’s politicians, and such as George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice?!!?? So, in order to bring about disarray within the ranks of those opposing the Disengagement, a specially trained “Gestapo/KGB type” unit is to be deployed a week before the Withdrawal begins, to totally disarm the […]

Anyone Awake Out There?

As we reel from the news of the recent bombings in London, England, it is incumbent upon all of us to examine, seriously, why such attacks by Islamic Extremists are occurring. We cannot combat what we do not understand, let alone try to wage an effective war against such an insidious enemy. First of all, […]

Carl Rove and the Case of Sour Grapes

The Carl Rove issue is definitely interesting and distracting. The Country is not served by this controversy we have important discussions to debate to insure the forward progression of our civilization. In watching the surveys of support for Carl Rove we see all the Republicans. When we look for those who wish to admonish, imprison […]

The Gun Control Debate

The gun control debate in America is a battle between personal freedom and public safety. For nearly 160 years, there were no limits to the Second Amendment, which guarantees “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” In 1934, however, and especially in the last four decades, Americans have begun to proscribe and […]

Chinese Rhetoric Over Taiwan, Back At You

It appears we are getting a little bit of Sun Tzu sword rattling as they set their sights on Taiwan. This is somewhat bothersome, as they have publicly stated that they would use nuclear weapons on the United States if we tried to interfere. Well, it seems that as if this is an International Terrorist […]

Birth of a Nation

When you see hooded Klansmen walking up Pennsylvania Avenue to meet their Grand Wizard Woodrow Wilson you are witnessing the true nature of the American people’s participation in a ghastly power play against people even in their own country. How could any woman trust a man who would be so callous towards blacks? The Klansmen […]

The Protocols of Sion # 2

-The Protocol plan ‘will remain invisible until the moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning can any longer undermine it.’ (Protocol 1) {Gardner’s 1999 book and those of Barrett and the Blandford Publishers would seem to make it no longer “invisible”!} -‘Wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains.’ […]

The Protocols of Sion #1

There is a lot of debate about who made the Protocols. They lay out a plan for world domination and are attributed to the Sionists and therefore Rothschilds who founded the Illuminati. Perhaps they were made for the Czar to discredit the Rothschilds who had a running feud with the Royal Romanov cousins of their […]

Interview With A Former ACLU Office

I had the benefit of getting an interview with Mr. Reese Lloyd, a former ACLU lawyer affiliated with the largest Veterans Organization in America, the American Legions. When I called the media relations department there and inquired about their support for Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005 , this is the man they referred […]

National ID Cards Have More Than Australians Concerned

Fearful that terrorists will next target Australia, Prime Minister John Howard broke the silence this week. He reopened the debate on issuing mandated national ID cards. Those who live topside and think that internal political decisions made down under will have little bearing on our lives, should think again. A national ID system in Australia […]

Image is Everything in Redevelopment Projects

Revitalization Downtown projects are all the rage in fact the “Main Street America Project” is making significant headway as cities and towns share information. The communication of information of what worked and why as well as what did not work in a given demographic is now available to those who dare to take back their […]

Congress Considers National Data Privacy Law

Legislation was introduced into Congress this week that would establish a national data privacy law. The bill would require businesses to disclose to consumers any breaches that result in the exposure of personal information. The legislation is a reaction to the massive security breaches that have occurred over the last year. In the most notable […]

John Roberts ? Supreme Court Nominee

President Bush’s selection of the Hon. John Roberts is an interesting choice. The betting, and there had been betting, was on a minority or female candidate. Instead, President Bush swings for the fences with a middle-aged, white male. Let the ugliness begin. Competency Regardless of your political views, Roberts’ intellectual competency cannot be questioned. This […]

The Federal Trade Commission, reality check

Federal Trade Commission Owes Industry and Entrepreneurs an Apology. The Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Protection Division’s Franchise Group owes the industry and entrepreneurs an apology for their “Piss Poor Performance” additionally those who run the division need to be fired and forfeit their pensions. The problem stems from a grandstanding approach to enforcement and willingness […]


Sodomy is against the law, yet goes on every day across our nation. The vice of buggery is so pervasive in certain regions of our country that even heterosexuals in our population are a risk of contracting AIDS. The human anatomy was not set up for a homo sapiens male penis to enter the rectum […]

Public Schools Are Un-American

Compulsory-attendance laws force parents to send their children to public schools. These laws presume that the politicians we vote into office, our agents, have the right to take away parents’ liberty and inalienable rights. Compulsory education means that in America, contrary to the common view, we no longer live in the land of the free. […]

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