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War with Red China Eminent Now

An irresponsible Chinese General made a very telling comment recently. He stated that when China takes over Taiwan, that the United States better not interfere otherwise China would be forced to retaliate with nuclear weapons against the United States. This sent shock waves throughout the civilized world and reminded us once again that we are […]

Lawyers and Franchising

It is amazing how the Federal Trade Commission has destroyed franchising, by selling the industry out to lawyers. We need to have accountability for the regulators and we can start by firing the head of the Franchising Group at the Federal Trade Commission and anyone who has worked in that department in the last 6-10 […]

Vision India – 2025 (Expectations of an Ordinary Person)

Introduction The way one lyrist has written, “Hum logo ko samajh sako to samjho dilbar jaani; jitna bhi tum samjhoge utni hogi hayerani”?in a nut-shell we Indian’s are most “unpredictable”. When the expectations are low?we have performed really well and contrary to that when expectations were very high?most of the time we have failed to […]

Mother Russia and Poland

When Boris Yeltsin spoke about an experiment that ‘they’ wrought upon his Russian ‘brethren’ on June 1st, 1991; did anyone ask who THEY were? Here is what he said: “Our country has not been lucky. Indeed, it was decided to carry out this Marxist experiment on us -? Instead of some country in Africa, they […]

Jihad Will Continue

The Jihad against the Western World will continue. It will also continue against the Eastern World next. Why is this happening; why do they continually plan to attack innocent life? Why are they using this weapon against others? Why are they using their religion to build their International Terrorist Teams and recruit suicide Jihadists? Well […]

Al-Qaida has Nukes

Many believe Al-Qaida already has nukes in the United States and there is substantial reason to believe that they are nearly in place now. But how were they able to get them here in the first place? Thru our porous borders with Mexico, but did the International Terrorists have the bombs smuggled across Mexico border […]

Poitical Opinion – No Comment

Publicity is correlative to your position in the community. Seldom does the quiet worker, without incident become published in local news or publications. Though his achievements are many and great, he accomplishes great things in his lifetime, his quiet fortitude and persistence are rarely recognized as important or document worthy. So, what makes a person […]


Each day the present geo-political reality confirms what The Tribulation Network has been saying for the past two years! All this, while the world still debates whether or not we should call the current War on Terrorism/Terror: The West vs. Radical Islam! Now, the EU and Iran squabble over Iran’s real intentions-but the US makes […]

Policy Separated from Politics

Alexander Hamilton ? Policy Separated from Politics: I am related to Hamiltons who came to Canada as United Empire Loyalists but I cannot say for sure they were related to this man who clearly was also a monarchist. William Hamilton Stewart is one of the Stuart historians I have quoted and his name is proof […]

Are Illegal Mexicans Really Bad for America?

I’ve been thinking again. I know some of my readers regard that as a dangerous thing. For instance, the guy who ended his last letter to me with a “your hypocrisy knows no bounds”. I get these sorts of letters all the time. But, I have been thinking and, of course, I have been thinking […]

Does America Get It about Terrorism?

I have to be honest. It is time to come clean. Though the rising cost of health care was indeed the primary reason my wife and I uprooted our lives and left America, it was not the only one. In very close competition was the issue of terrorism. We left America on August 1, 2003, […]

Dafur Emergency: A Challenge To Civilisation

With pain rocking through my whole body today, I cast a bitter glance back at what I called, the ‘tragedy of Dafur’ and decided to settle accounts with my fellow Africans on this matter. President Omar el-Bashir has twisted history, invented a distortion in African lexicon and rammed it through our throats. Every mention of […]

Netanyahu: Too Late For A Fight-back?

The resignation from cabinet yesterday, Sunday, by the Israeli minister of Finance is a good signal by the extreme right-wing, within the ruling Likud Party to the world that a group exists that would not go to sleep, much less on the same bed with terrorism. I am of the contrary view that if we […]

Are We Serious About Fuel Alternatives?

As you can see from some of our previous articles, government agencies predict about 40 years of petroleum still remains. As usage climbs, the amount of time remaining may shrink even more. New reserves will be found, but developing countries, such as we’re seeing in China with their industrial revolution taking place, will demand greater […]

Adolph Hitler

ADOLF HITLER: The common perception of Hitler being large and in charge is not likely the case. He certainly was ‘handled’ or beholding to many others including psychiatrists, esotericists and industrialists. I heartily recommend that people should read The Mind of Adolph Hitler: The Secret Wartime Report to see that Hitler was a Jew living […]

Electronic Commerce Taxation: Emerging Legal Issues – Part I

The CBR taxes the Pakistani source income of nonresident individuals and foreign corporations with respect to income that arises from a trade or business, however, Pakistan generally asserts jurisdiction only with respect to taxable income which is effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or business within the Pakistan. Moreover, under income tax treaties […]

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