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The FIRST FAMILY of the United States

The Randolphs: Peyton Randolph was the first President of the United States and he is a nobleman. I know he is closely connected with the Hapsburgs who lived near the Randolphs and later the Duponts. At the time of Lincoln Paschal Beverly Randolph was a member of the Rosicrucian Council of Three which included Abraham […]

Gasoline Prices Going Through the Roof

OH MAN! Here we go again. I guess now the “proof is in the pudding” and it is time for us to face reality. Gas prices are not going back down and is now said to be going up, again, to an average of over $3.00 per gallon. This will be the highest jump in […]

End Time Clock Ticking Away?

Earlier this month, I heard President George W. Bush and Mahmoud Abbas, the Prime Minister of the Palestinians speaking of another Peace Treaty with Israel. President Bush spoke about the boarder security of the two countries: Israel and Palestine. Abbas of course, spoke of achieving final peace between the two nations. Upon hearing these two […]

Look! America Take a Look!

I heard on the news this week how America continues to battle to bring democracy in Iraq. The people of Iraq really don’t seem to want a free country governed by their own people. Hmm, why don’t the Iraqis want the precious gift of democracy? Well, I request all Americans to take a good look […]

News Media Misguided or Just Plain Liars?

Last week, the media coverage called the airplane crash in Canada a miracle because all of the passengers survived. However, what they are calling a miracle is really teamwork. The media believes that they know what constitutes a miracle. According to the dictionary, the meaning of a miracle is: Marvel; Supernatural Event. The supernatural event […]

Will They Sterilize Vagabonds and Drunkards in Belarus?

In Belarus parliament is going to struggle with degeneration of the Belarus society. Deputy Kostjan in his statement suggested passing the law on violent sterilization of the citizens leading asocial way of life. As he said, “even animals have the ordered sexual life and about 1 percent of people do not adhere to these principles, […]

Arrogance Of Terror

The man on the tape raised his hand, pointing a finger into the camera, his AK-47 raised at his side, punctuating every threat and accusation. He seemed consumed with the intense desire not only to declare his intentions, but earnest in his attempts to persuade his threatened audiences of their culpability in his group’s future […]

John Kerry as a Prosecutor?

Prosecutors with political ambitions are known to modify the truth or withhold evidence in order to get a conviction. It is so common in fact that the greater the political ambitions the greater the unethical ness of their tenure as a prosecutor. It is for this reason that we must do a background on every […]

Immigration: Ten Points to Ponder

1. Why is it that no one seems to notice, much less ever mention, that the World Bank and the IMF have implemented economic measures that have left large sections of their populations unemployed and destitute? (The illegals are not doing this, you see, but this population is easier to attack and is more defenseless […]

Fundamentalist: Fascist or Common-Sense?

Is the only way to fight Fundamentalist Extremists becoming one yourself? Having grown up in a liberal democracy, being educated in the ideals of freedom of speech and expression, diversity, multi-culturalism and the political correctness that stems from such a comprehensive education, I find myself questioning whether I am a closet fascist when it comes […]

Liberalism ? A Mark Too Low A Price Too High

After the dance the piper must be paid. To help us calculate the cost of paying the piper we will borrow from the math of physics. In the laws of physics there resides an immutable principle whose exact formulations I do not know, but even a novice like me can know how it works. If […]

Making Peace with Our Ancestors and Neighbors

As a result of the conflict analysis exercise and a workshop conducted earlier this year by the Liberia Community Infrastructure Program, (LCIP), participants indicated a strong resentment of ex-combatants by the war affected community leading to traditional cleansing ceremonies. Sentiments from both tribes indicated a mutual approval/acceptance of the Zalakai/Zalayei traditional healing process; only being […]

Social Security Rant

As the Baby Boomer Generation continue to get older, one of the hot topics will continue to be Social Security. Critics claim that Social Security is going bankrupt, and that it needs to be privatized as soon as possible, or people will lose their benefits. This rant examines if Social Security needs to be privatized, […]

Government Workers and Lawyers Revolving Door Rule Needed

We need more oversight and transparency in government. We need to keep our government workers honest and forthright. We need to prevent those who work for the government as lawyers for the government from going into private practice with the same companies they once enforced regulations on. The revolving door fo government lawyers and private […]

The Wage-Productivity Gap

The most damaging factor to our economy today is the Wage-Productivity gap. This refers to the increase in the hourly output of workers vs. the increase in hourly pay. This concept is described quite well in Chapter 6 of economist Ravi Batra’s book, “Greenspan’s Fraud.” During times of true economic prosperity, wages have kept pace […]

The Internet Right ? Are They Doing It Right

It looks overall like the liberals are advocating for no lines to be drawn on most matters. The right insists there are lines, very clear and important lines. This alone puts the right clearly ahead in the battle. The idea that there is nothing to fight for leaves the left with no real soldiers. There […]

Media Advertising: New Alcohol Advertising Codes – 1 October 2005

Businesses advertising alcohol either in TV or non-broadcast format need to ensure they comply with the new Alcohol Advertising Codes (“Codes”). The Codes for both TV and non-broadcast advertisements have now been published. All alcohol advertisements appearing from 1 October 2005 need to be compliant with the Codes. They include such things as: Marketing communications […]

US Government Sore Losers in Not So Neighborly Dispute

I’m getting a little tired of being lectured by that “pin-headed, pencil-necked” whiner David Wilkins, about what Canada should do and not do with respect to the failed softwood lumber talks. Wilkins, the US Ambassador to Canada, said today that Canadian politicians should stop their ”emotional tirades” and order the country’s trade representatives back to […]

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