Road Map Wont Work Cause PA Are Liars

The US-backed Road Map peace plan had no real chance of success because Israel was the only signatory living up to its side of the agreement, former US House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote recently. “Diplomacy is important and has a vital role to play [in solving the Israeli-Arab conflict], but its function must […]

Was Pakistan a British Creation?

The furore in the BJP camp in India, triggered by L K Advani’s recent remarks about Jinnah being a secular person and yet the founder of Pakistan, seems to have subsided. What is the real, historical truth? Recently unsealed British top-secret archives provide a stunningly different version of what really happened during the cataclysmic partition, […]

An Introduction to the Connecticut State Budget for 2004-2005

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) is interested in the state’s budgetary health, so that the conference can estimate how much money the state will transfer to local towns and municipalities. To determine the fiscal health of any state, the first place to examine is expenditures on prescription drugs for the state’s Medicaid program. Rising […]

Connecticut Does Not Need Further Income Tax Hikes!

Industrial Recruiting. The absence of a state income tax in Tennessee was cited by Nissan Corporation as one of the quality of life factors it considered for its workers when it decided to build a large plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, to produce the Nissan Altima and other vehicles. Similarly, the absence of a state income […]

Quality of Life and Freedom, Unilateral Discussion

City Governments is their quest for; “quality of life” often lose sight of the revenue stream which derives the money to run their city. Of course this trend has been going on a very long time. People should remember that government exists because the people allow it to exist and it should also remember that […]

Question Authority

Policemen in many US cities are taking their new authority over the terrorism issue way too seriously. They are using it as a reason to harass our citizenry. Just like a bunch of $5.00 and hour security guards. Give a guy a little authority and a badge and boy oh boy he’ll show you. You […]

Operation Iraqi Freedom, Soldiers and Their Psyche

Have you noticed that the when the service men who have been killed in action in this war, that the journalists go harass the families and girlfriends or wives of the fallen soldiers? During these interviews I could not help but notice that the infantry warriors killed had girlfriends or wives who were full figured […]

Politicians Will Save Civilization

Most politicians are completely out to lunch and totally Machiavellian by nature, they cannot be trusted. We tend to elect the most manipulative politicians to higher offices and condemn the one’s who really care. I saw a great picture on the front cover of the NY Times where the Politicians were busy having a party […]

Paid Assassins

The civil war in Iraq seems to be much more mild than some had been predicted. Many pundits painted a doom and gloom scenario out of control. Yet we see in time period in Iraq that the civil war is reduced in duration. Generally civil wars do involve other nation states supporting one or the […]

US Government Regulators and Aides with AIDS

All government regulators or diplomat who are in high risk categories for contracting AIDS as well as senior aides in our nations capital who routinely travel abroad must be tested if they have any drug history or are homosexual. Other wise our aides and diplomats will be exporting AIDS. How can we as a nation […]

Great Melting Pot Indeed

An interesting conversation that I thought I must share with you. Today in a coffee shop in the United States of America the subject matter turned to South of the Border. We discussed the politically hot topic of Illegal Immigration to the US from Mexico. In our discussion we both agreed that all of our […]

Gas Prices and the Impact of Inflation

Year Item Price Rate of Inflation03/80 Gasoline (per gallon) 1.252 03/05 Gasoline (per gallon) 2.065 2.02% 03/80 Bread, white, per lb 0.50203/05 Bread, white, per lb 1.002 2.80% 03/80 Consumer Price Index 80.1003/05 Consumer Price Index 193.30 3.59% Source: U.S. Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics ( What is Inflation? Inflation is an […]

The Gay Male Agenda for Political Dominance

I would like to pose a question. I am unsure if you have noticed what I have with regards to Homosexual males in the United States, but sense they are moving their agenda faster and faster and we are seeing more and more Corporations are catering to this group. Have you too noticed this trend? […]

Freedom on the Internet

Throughout all recorded history on our lovely little planet, Earth’s human beings have been concerned with a few main ideals. One of these is the idea of freedom. Freedom, what is it? What does it mean to you? To look at it simply and in context of communication, I’d say that it is the right […]

Peace in the Middle East

Peace in the Middle East – whoa that is a toughie. You have millennia of sheople being led around by the nose while abusing their mothers and daughters on both (or all eight or nine) sides of the issue and then there is all that oil that corpserists backing the US are in need of. […]

MORAL ARMOR Condemns Home and Business Seizure Law

Nothing could be more alarming for Americans than what I read this morning: “The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that local governments may seize people’s homes and businesses – even against their will – for private economic development.” This is a deplorable moral atrocity to perpetrate against Americans and must be reversed. Those responsible should […]

The Civil War – FOGC

Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to Lafayette in 1823 that went as follows: “I do not believe with the Rochefoucaults and Montaignes, that fourteen of fifteen men are rogue. I believe a great abatement from that proportion may be made in favor of general honesty. But I have always found that rogues would be uppermost, […]