The True Power of Terrorism

Those of us hundreds of miles from ground zero sat glued to our television sets with horror and disbelief as two of the tallest buildings in the world slowly disintegrated in a violence of dust and death. Since that bright September morning in 2001, none of us have felt the same. Undergoing an unexpected and […]

Patriots and Parrots: Imprisoning Tongues in America

It can be dangerous to engage in free speech. This year alone, 242 journalists, in countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, have been tossed into jail for their words, and one has been killed. Here at home, our bodies remain free, but our tongues are imprisoned. As Dan Rather stated after 9/11, […]

The Politics Of The American Dream

The American Dream is the promise to have it all and enjoy it all. It’s been glorified and sentimentalized as a utopian goal not just by the media and Hollywood stars, but also by businesses and politicians, including the President of the United States. But in reality, the American Dream is becoming more and more […]

Colonel Boyd on Limited War and Iraq Victory

In discussing the OODA Loop theory on Limited War by Colonel Boyd with in the context and patterns of conflict, it appears that we as a nation have forgotten the other options dictated by previous conflicts in the works of von Clauswitz “On War” in that we are disregarding such options and scenarios entirely. In […]

The Dawn On The Nile Valley Has Secrets To Tell!

Amnesty International comments on the proposal that has been laid out by President Obasnjo the Chairman of the African Union in regards to the Sudanese Darfurian issue. The Nigerian President proposed to have an “African Panel for Criminal Justice and Reconciliation” to deal with the crimes committed by the dictatorial regime in Sudan. Paying respect […]

Is it just hubris, or …?

In what the Americans love to describe as the war on terror, there have been no clear winners even though it has been physically going on now for over three years. By the looks of it, the tussle between the United States of America and its perceived enemy will outlast the Second World War at […]

Lack of Peace, Reaching Critical Mass

You have in front of you two buttons, one is green the other is black. The green button represents peace and love, the black button represents war and hate and you were put in charge of choosing what the rest of humanity will experience on earth. Which one will you choose and why? New Age […]

Canada Tries to Stop Flow of Drugs into the US

As more and more cities and states set up websites and pass measures to allow for importing price controlled Canadian drugs into the US to control the rising cost of healthcare, Canada is starting to take notice on the impact of such practices on it’s government run healthcare system. Canada doesn’t like what it sees, […]

Eminent Domain Suggested as Cost Saving Measure in DC

Washington DC council member David Catania actually suggested that the council should consider claiming eminent domain of certain widely prescribed pharmaceutical formulas in order to help reign in rising drug costs for the city. Catania suggests that the patents should be acquired by the government through the mayor’s declaration of a public health emergency and […]

Continuing Change in the Offshore World

The offshore financial centres have been forced in recent years to review almost every aspect of the ways in which they operate in response to the international anti- money laundering laws and initiatives by major economies such as the E.U. and the U.S.A. to increase co-operation in the areas of preventing tax avoidance and tax […]

Africa’s Prosperity Goals: A Cultural Perspective

Commission for Africa (CFA), one is made to understand is the brainchild of His Excellency, the UK Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair. Another initiative geared towards arriving at a set of policies meant to get Africa out of its economic doldrums. Concerning this matter, I must say, ‘Thank you Sir’ for this selfless initiative. I […]

Nurturing Global Disequilibrium

This brings to our consciousness, issues concerning the ever rising level of inequality prevalent in our times with its attendant fallout and imbalance within our global system. This has had its roots within the basic units of human co-existence experienced at our different localities and as such has naturally extended beyond, to a multi-level of […]

The Dawn On The Nile Valley Has Secrets To Tell! (2)

Submiting the Criminals to The ICC! Everybody concerns about justice in the World should bedelighted because the call to submit the criminals in Sudanto the International Criminal Court(ICC) becomes a realitylast Thrusday in the UN’s corridors! The UN Security Council voted 11-0 to refer a sealed list of51 people accused of crimes against humanity in […]

Plastics In Our Nations Dumps and Landfills

Long Term Environmental Effect of Plastics, Composites and Other Materials on Underground Water Supplies through Leaching and Decay. Today we see old airliners lined up in the desert, which are made of aluminum for the most part. We know what these aircraft are made of and we also see the scrap value of aluminum. So […]

3D Modeling for Healthy Forests

Forest Vegetation Simulations for Fire Prevention, Healthy Forest and Saving Lives. Grid Response Research for those things, which affect the flow of life on the Surface of the Planet. Let’s discuss the thinning of the forest based on Grid Modeling and ESRI Software ARC Info modeling. We need to look at several layers of overlapping […]

Why Dont We Listen To Entrepreneurs?

I just got done reading a series of articles dating from December 2000 to September 2001 (pre-9-11) regarding Larry Ellison’s bush to get the government to link all it’s databases. Now everyone agrees, but now we are post 9-11. I wonder if Larry Ellison as loud as he can be sometimes ever stood up and […]

Make Plastic Out of Corn

Here is an interesting thought; Corn to make Plastic An interesting new way to make plastic from corn has been discovered and will be put into process by big chemical companies, which could further erode the Oil prices. And it is of interest that the companies involved in this process are huge, as big as […]

Should Judgeships Be a Political Event?

Thought of the day; Questions about the judicial system. If the judgeships in our country are political positions based on the way they are chosen, either by election or by appointment and often debated by opposing politicians, then is there really a three branches of government? And if there is not three separate and unique […]

Super Voting Ink and Vaccines

In the future when we decide to help nations vote and enter their new freedom of democracy at a time when we have significant resistance in the form of a guerilla contingency or insurgency we should specially modify the ink die to prove a vote was cast to identify the good citizens. By mixing a […]