National Archives Needs to Embed RFID Tags in Ink

Perhaps we should have printers with ink which has metallic properties which would simulate RFID Tags in pages scattered throughout the reports and papers of secret documents, then if one decides to do something unethical to steal the paper work then the report itself will trigger an alarm, even if one puts it in their socks or underwear, under a hat. As one leaves the building through a detector like at the bookstores, gotcha!!

These technologies are being developed now, so we may as well put them to good use. It is fascinating that we even have these problems with those instilled with the citizen trust to serve us, yet not so unpredictable, this could answer the problem of secret information leakage in FBI, Pentagon, CIA, National Archives, even DOE, Los Alamos, Defense Contractors and may as well apply it to library, especially for the two most books stolen: “The Bible” and “The Joy of Sex”. Yes this is true, and it shows how clearly divided we are a species between morals and desires, guilt and honor, power and force, flesh and abstinence.

Certain books in libraries would be sprinkled with some type of odor smart dust, which would also prevent decay of the paper and set off an odor detector on the way out. There are mini odor detectors used now for nuclear material, explosives, bio-pathogens, anthrax and a multitude of other things, used for anti-terrorism, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, etc.

The National Archives are a national treasure and should be guarded as such. We need to put this technology to work to keep integrity of our system, our government and our leadership.

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