Flashy Kickoffs For Political Campaigns: Do They Matter?

Things are always ever changing when it comes to American politics. For instance, in the past, it would suffice for a candidate who is vying for a presidential seat to reveal their intention and just wait to see who will vote for them. Today, this is far from what is happening. One has to announce their intention with a more elaborate care, giving facts about what they are intending to correct or improve and the reasons why they should be vying for the position. And it depends on the way you make the announcement to where you make it from to the people you are announcing to.

Things have truly changed because the mere fact of making announcement might not generate enough interest for the public; today’s society needs more than just a formal announcement. Using some of the best examples in American politics, here is a look at why flashy kickoffs for political campaigns matter today:

Rand Paul

His strategy is to broaden the base without alienating it. It was just recently that he held a rally at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville. This venue has an intergenerational audience and of course notable black figures; the rally was simply a part of a social as well as legacy media strategy! And it also included announcement that was to be released on YouTube video later on.

Ted Cruz

It did not come as a surprise when Ted Cruz announced that he will be seeking the presidency. But look at where the announcement was made from – he did so with fanfare at the Liberty University. This is also the cradle of the late Reverend Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority. The announcement itself was seen as an outward yet a visible sign of the inward, spiritual campaign this man is going to wage, especially for the conservative soul of the GOP.

Hillary Clinton

She has just announced her interest in the presidential seat last month, but her long awaited announcement was actually an ingenious way to invite mass speculation before it was made. Before the announcement was made, rumors were flying that the announcement could be delivered in more conventional ways. Talk show hosts were all trying to use the topic to interest their viewers, whether through comical representations or expertly discussions. Did this spark anything? Certainly. And trust me, that was such a smart move as she kept them all guessing.

Barrack Obama

Can you remember the 2007 announcement by Barrack Obama? Although his wife, Michelle tried to convince him not to hold the rally at the old Illinois State Capitol due to the subfreezing temperatures, the last minute compromise ended up with twenty thousand pairs of hand warmers and hundreds of ski caps for the crowd.

Flashy, flashy social media

Today, with the increased use of social media, the candidates themselves and traditional news organizations can now control the means and manner of spreading their message, while gathering hundreds of thousands of contact information and email addresses from potential supporters. This is also a great strategy for raising money online.

As you can see, presidential campaigns are so protracted today and the process of making announcement can be so carefully staged. This is true starting from the exploratory committee to that formal announcement. All we can say is the flashy campaign kickoffs will matter a lot, especially when it comes to winning hearts of potential supporters.

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