Sweet Lies, The Aspartame Issue

Aspartame activists are constantly being attacked because all data are a matter of public record from congressional records to government documents. Now there is even a movie, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World (www.docworkers.com) that exposes how Don Rumsfeld got aspartame approved even though the FDA said no. Go to this link to see a clip of the movie exposing the politics Rumsfeld used: http://www.soundandfury.tv/pages/Rumsfeld2.html Bullington used the issue of when I lectured for the World Environmental Conference. Someone by the name of Nancy Markle put her name on a post I wrote about it, disorganized it somewhat, and a networker sent it around the world. Monsanto used front groups to try and say it was a hoax even though my invitation to speak was on www.dorway.com/nomarkle.html So many people got off aspartame and got well that Monsanto could not put out the fire and sold the NutraSweet Company. The story is in the book Politically Incorrect Nutrition by Michael Barbee. Because I was willing to put my phone number on the Internet there was no way for them to get away with it. Here is my published reply to the newspaper.

Published 8/6/2005 Albuquerque Tribune

Dear Sir:

J. D. Bullington says warnings about aspartame are a “massive hoax” and told your readers that I, Dr. Betty Martini, have “no credibility or scientific expertisewhatsoever”.

Bullington is the chief lobbyist for The Association of Commerce & Industry whose website claims: “More and more legislators are asking for the ACI position priorto key committee and floor votes. ? The business community needs only a few seats to receive a majority vote on most issues.” Simply put: ACI exists to have vital legislation fabricated in corporate boardrooms. They usually get their way. They have the money andthe clout, backed up by hundreds of commercial entities to provide publicity and influence.

Who am I? A citizen who in the ’70s founded five 24/7 clinics with 200 doctors on staff in Atlanta, the first of their type. I also ran for mayor. We treated the indigent free, and I have a warm letter from Jimmy Carter commending me for this.

14 years ago I started a successful hands-around-the-world service, Mission PossibleInternational, to fight aspartame. Hundreds of times I’ve been guest speaker on radio stations & networks of up to 500 stations worldwide. I made two 3-weekEuropean tours and spoke to a European Union Parliamentary Committee. I’ve set up satellite operations in many countries; most run by aspartame victims. Our reports are in many languages. For this philanthropic effort I was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree. I have never pretended to be a medical doctor!

My husband, who spent his life in chemistry, pays for this project, to the tune of $250,000 so far. We sell nothing, solicit no funds, and have never used aspartame ourselves. He’s 73, retired, an ordained minister who says: “If we stop people will die, so its just Applied Christianity.”

Omni Magazine reported: “51% of FDA approved drugs have serious risks and could cause reactions that lead to severe or permanent disability or death.” So what does a corporation do if it’s product is deadly? Take it off the market? No, they recruit lobbyists to get cozy with the congressmen and state legislators, and they double the ad budget. What about whistleblowers? They apply ridicule, slander & libel, and quote phonyauthority, like the Calorie Control Council, a front group funded by aspartame producers. Of course all authentic scientific and medical documentation exposing the poisons they push is ignored.

In 1996 the FDA reported over 10,000 volunteered consumer complaints, listing 92 symptoms including four types of seizures, blindness, migraines, minddestruction, death and sexual dysfunction: note the flood of medicines to restore our ability to make love. FDA has more complaints about aspartame than on all other food additives collectively. They deny their report now, but you can access it onwww.dorway.com/badnews.html. I sent FDA thousands of case histories, all ignored.They also illegally ignored my Citizen’s Petition for a Ban. Who runs FDA? Eleven officials including three Commissioners took jobs in the aspartame industry.

In June a 3-year study by the Cancer Research Center of the European Foundation of Oncology in Bologna, Italy was released, connecting brain cancer with aspartame use, which Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., reviewed: “The new study should terrify mothers and all those consuming aspartame sweetened products. This was a carefully done study which clearly demonstrated a statistically significant increase inseveral types of lymphomas and leukemias in rats. Both of these malignancies have increased significantly in this country since the widespread use of aspartame.” Dr. Blaylock’s book Excitotoxins, the Taste that Kills details MSG and APM neurotoxicity.

Dr. H. J. Roberts, named The Best Doctor in the United States by a medical magazine is author of over 20 medical texts, including the 1,038 page Aspartame Disease, an Ignored Epidemic with 400 case histories. It is dedicated to me. Weep for this 8 year old APM victim, described on page 476: “The patient had two sets of head x-rays, three CT scans of the brain, two spinal punctures, four bone marrow studies, two electroencephalograms, two heart monitoring studies, two barium enemas, and a host of other studies. Her mother estimated the medical costs at $750,000.” Dr.Roberts summarizes: “there was dramatic clinical improvement and virtual normalization of the blood changes when the mother eliminated additives.” There are millions of victims like this little girl!

We get most aspartame from “diet” sodas. The National Soft Drink Association actually protested against APM in the Senate Congressional Record, May 7, 1985, pages5507-11: italics [“Searle (the manufacturer) has not demonstrated to a reasonable certainty that aspartame and its degradation products are safe for use in softdrinks. Aspartame is inherently, markedly and uniquely unstable in aqueous media. In a liquid such as a soft drink APM will degrade as a function of temperature and pH. ? Without identification of APM’s significant decomposition products it is notpossible to find to a reasonable certainty, that APM is safe”]” www.dorway.com/nsda.html

Contrary to Bullington’s blast, the protest of the NSDA cites APM degradation at 86F and higher temperatures. The decomposition chemicals are methyl alcohol, formaldehyde, formic acid and diketopiperazine, a deadly brain tumor agent: just for starters. What can aspartame do for you? A 52 week oral toxicity study was done on 7 infant monkeys. Five had grand mal seizures and one died. Have a formaldehyde cocktail!

It’s not a diet product! The Division of Clinical Epidemiology of the U of Texas Health Center in San Antonio just reported and 8 year study confirming a diet soda link to obesity. A 1985 study found weight gain among 78,694 women using artificial sweeteners. If you want to get fat, NutraSweet is where it’s at! Cori Brackett, a Tucson victim, ditched aspartame and escaped from her wheelchair …. She’s produced a fine professional movie, Sweet Misery, A Poisoned World. www.docworkers.com

In 14 years I’ve processed tens of thousands of ghastly stories from afflicted and dying aspartame victims. It’s unfortunate for your readers that J. D. Bullington did so little research and cares so little for the injuries his fictions breed.

Senator Ben Altamirano sponsored Senate Bill 525 to create a Nutrition Council with the express statutory power to prohibit toxic FDA-approved food additives from your state. It was overwhelming endorsed by your Legislature but killed in the House on the last dayalong with 40 other Senate Bills when a filibuster ran the clock out. I’m very happy that Senator Altamirano will re-introduce this vital legislation in 2006 to protect the innocent. and unwarned, specifically parents, from poison peddlers. Unquestionably Bullington and other lobbyists have Senator Altamirano’s bill in their sights. New Mexicans should ask: who pays these hired guns? For the full aspartame story go to www.wnho.net andwww.dorway.com

Dr. Betty Martini 770 242 2599 9270 River Club Pkwy Duluth, GA 30097


Dr. Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible International, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097 770 242-2599 http://www.wnho.net and http://www.dorway.com

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