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Flashy Kickoffs For Political Campaigns: Do They Matter?

De Ja Vu, or Why We Have Seen It Before

United States about Ready to Unveil a Cost-Competitive Utility-Scale for Solar Energy

Taking a Critical Look at the State Response to Slot Machine Gambling

Communication in Society, Education, Politics and Economics

Reelect President Bush for the 2nd term: Evidence & Proofs

Pending Oil Crisis

Colts’ Stadium Short on Horse Sense

A Cheap Holiday in Other Peoples Misery (catching up with Mordechai Vanunu in Israel)

Simple Middle East Peace Plan

Bush Panders America?s Kids to Saudi Pederasts

Top 30 Politics Quotations

The “Manchurian Candidate”: Lee Harvey Oswald?

Abu Ghraib: Our Surprise is the only Surprise

A Look Ahead to 2008 (Part I)

A Look Ahead to 2008 (Part II)

A Workable Alternative to Term Limits

A Noble Attempt To Bring Peace in Assam

Bush Victory: A Defeat for the Have-Nots?

The Ugly American Returns!

Revitalizing The Power of the Baby Boomers

Recycling The Mentally Ill

The American Worker: Downward Mobility

The Looting of American Taxpayers Social Security Disability by Fraudulent Employers Pt. 1

Seven Things That Make Me Angry

Fact to Fiction: The Brutal Truth about the Practice of Stoning

Affirmative Inaction

Government Overregulation of Broadcast Content Could Backfire

Business: “Where Is America Headed To?”, New York Millionaire Wonders

What Price Loyalty?

A Viewpoint Not Represented in the Mainstream Media

History of the Media, Radio, and Television

The Glorious Acts of Our Legislature

Asking For Proof in the Economic Pudding

The Lemon Dance: Why Government Doesn’t Work

Dont Trade Rights for Security

The Divided Language

Is America Bankrupt?

Corruption and Transparency

The Morality of Child Labor

OPECs Swan Song?

The Self-Appointed Altruists

Voters are to Blame for Bad Politics

Open Source and Post-Capitalistic Society

An Environmental Voting Guide for US State Elections

Voting Pro-Environment is Good For Jobs, Health, and Security

An Overlooked Plan for Bush, Kerry, Democrats, Republicans, and Healthcare Costs

Gone With the Wind Almost Did Not Make It

Doorstops and Paperweights

When Will America Wake Up?

When Will the World Wake Up?

On The Privatization of Social Security

Protection of the Intellectual Property in Russia

Army recovers terrorists’ bodies from avalanche-hit areas in South Kashmir

Restoration in Russia: Much Needed and Inevitable

Protectionism in Russia

UK Elections on the Horizon

How To Date Ann Coulter (If You Must)

Is Reinstating The Draft Such a Bad Idea?

Gun Control? How About Crime Control Instead?

America Needs Election Reform to Ensure Congressional Honesty

America Needs an Education Reinvention Bill NOW!

Bush and Kerry Differ on Immigration Policies

Time for a New Canadian Party

Just War

Counter Intelligence: Accurate Words to Describe Our Dealings with Islamic Terrorists!

Bodyguard Training in Mexico; My Experiences While Providing BG Training in Mexico


Politicians Are Like Car Sales People

Anarchy: Law, Order, and Authority

Plastics In Our Nations Dumps and Landfills

From Democracy to Omniocracy

Patriots and Parrots: Imprisoning Tongues in America

The True Power of Terrorism

The Politics Of The American Dream

Colonel Boyd on Limited War and Iraq Victory

Secret Clandestine Facial Recognition Countermeasures and The Future of the CIA

The Dawn On The Nile Valley Has Secrets To Tell!

Lack of Peace, Reaching Critical Mass

Is it just hubris, or …?

Eminent Domain Suggested as Cost Saving Measure in DC

Canada Tries to Stop Flow of Drugs into the US

Arson Neighborhood Mobile Watch Program for Summer Fire Season

Continuing Change in the Offshore World

Africa’s Prosperity Goals: A Cultural Perspective

Nurturing Global Disequilibrium

If the Water is Polluted, Ever Wonder What is in it?

The Dawn On The Nile Valley Has Secrets To Tell! (2)

3D Modeling for Healthy Forests

Why Dont We Listen To Entrepreneurs?

Wealth Distribution and Inheritance, What Will They Buy? Cars

Make Plastic Out of Corn

Should Judgeships Be a Political Event?

Super Voting Ink and Vaccines

Alternative to Land Mines in Middle East

The Economics of Cloning Armies or Super Families

A Component of Liberty is a Strong Social Contract with Governing Body

A Few Quick Thoughts on Freedom and Technology

Franchising Democracy and Creating Cohesive World Government

TSA Missteps at Our Airports

Government Credit Card Abuse

Military Intelligence, FBI, CIA Intelligence Problems

National Archives Needs to Embed RFID Tags in Ink

The World of Diplomatic Backstage

A Journey Through History

Banana Republic – United Kingdom

Rugged Individualism vs Human Nature

A Trade War is brewing; Are We Paying Attention

PTO – Patent and Trademark Office needs complete overhaul

All There is, is dust in the wind; Dust Particulate Traveling The Globe

No Child Left Behind needs to go Virtual

Treasury Department Falls Short on Blocked Persons List

US Trade Deficit with Bordering Neighbors

For they know not what they do; Federal Regulators destroying business

Entrepreneur Lashes Out at Linear Thinking Government Regulators

Bosnia – An Economy in Search of a State

Slovenia – The Star Pupil

The Second Coming in Albania

Monitoring Macedonia

Hawala, or The Bank That Never Was

The Macedonian Lottery

The European Bank for the Retardation of Development

Economic Free Zones in Macedonia

Public Sector Economies in Transition

The Criminality of Transition

Market Impeders and Market Inefficiencies

Immortality and Mortality in the Economic Sciences

The Distributive Justice of the Market

The Fabric of Economic Trust

The Revolt of the Poor: The Demise of Intellectual Property?

The Blessings of the Black Economy

To Grow Out Of Unemployment

Liquidity or Liquidation

Workaholism, Leisure and Pleasure

Competition Laws

Another Round of EU-Iran Talks Starts April 10 – Will Iran Be Referred To The UN Security Council?

Israel Termed A “Nuclear Power” By US Officials

Anglo-Israelism and the Flesh

UAV Targets, Aerial Dog Fights, Interception, Future of War Intelligence

UAV Materials and Thoughts on New Technologies and Keeping Up With Our Opponents

UAV Decoy Stategies, Theories and The Modern Art of War

Self Destruct Strategies in UAV Construction

Canning International Terrorists? Literally

Cloaking Giant Airships is Possible, Why Stop There?

Chinese Military Build Up – Sun Tzu and Chinese War Machine

What are the benefits of Nuclear War again; I must have missed that point?

Tracking Over The Road Trucks from Canada

Let me throw out a random thought on Homeland Security Leadership Structure

Screening Trucks and Containers Coming Into Our Country

Technology and International Terrorism

Defending Middle Eastern Oil Refineries and Assets

Harmonic Beams to Pre-Detonate Shoulder Launched Surface to Air Missiles

Stopping a Nuclear Bomb on a Hydrofoil

Using a Meteor Shower as Decoy for ICBM Attack

So How Far Have We Come? Here are some of the 2001 Anti Terrorist Projects

The New Goo Review is Coming Right At You

Increasing Evaporation in Ocean to Defeat Droughts

Rule of Thumb For Exporting Technology

Bill OReilly: You Got This One Wrong!

Michael Moore: The Dumbest People on the Face of the Earth

End Of History? Not Quite

Internet in Russia and Ukraine – Part 1. General Information and Statistics

Quick Thought on The Flow of Fuel and Costs

Jobs and the Flow of Fuel

Trucking and the Flow of Fuel

Companies, Consumer and Cost of Fuel

Trains and the Flow of Fuel

Wars, Oil and Trade Conflicts of the Human Race

Fuel Prices at the Pump: That is not the problem, Natural Gas Prices are high too

The History of Trade and Using it as a Weapon for Peace

Trade Wars, China and Over Regulation At Home

NAFTA; What did we learn?

Free Markets, Wal-Mart, Over Regulation; What an interesting concept?

Free Trade, Outsourcing, Protectionism and Reality Check

Ethanol, Water, Pollution, North Korea and Free Trade

Monetary Flows, Retained Earnings, Over Regulation and Abundant Resources

Monetary Flows, Consumer Debt, Policy, Trade Deficit and Reality

Water Conservation, Retention and Better Policies

Economics and Politics of Regional Droughts

Droughts, Dirty Water and Disease

Population Control and Water Supply Issues

Snowbirds and American Migration and Mobile Populations

Oil Prices Effect The United States Competitiveness

Fuel Prices and Trucking; A Reality Check On What Drives America

3D Tactical Image Projection Enhanced Decoy System

Did 9-11 Change Everything for the Business Community

Will Cloning of Super Families Lead to Slavery

Cloning; The Possibilities and Advantages of Thought Swapping

Farming Human Clones

Newspaper Reporters Tread Lightly on Compulsive Gambling Addiction

True Democracy and a Way Forward

Foreign Spies Troll Gay Bars in Washington DC for National Secrets

Fight Terror, With Education

The Liberal Solution: Assault a Conservative?

Another Whistleblower — is Anyone Listening?

Watergate Scandal

Take Marijuana Off the DEAs Docket

Cops Want To Increase Marijuana Punishments?

William Seward and the Alaska Purchase

The Morality of Using Stem Cells

What is the Filibuster-Breaking Nuclear Option?

I am Not an African American

Common Sense vs. Common Senseless – How Thomas Paine Can Be Applied To Modern Day; Part One

If Terrorists Are To Become Slick Politicians, Yhey Need Time Rather Than God on Their Side

How Dogpoo is Changing The World

Space Colonies a Primary Goal

Political Branding and Marketing

Famous Filibusters in Political History

Advances in Nuclear Energy; Safe, Clean and Reliable

Regional Grid Power Backup; Energy Ideas

Thinking on Energy

How Can We Prevent Black Outs and Protect the Grid?

Cracking Down on Cigar Counterfeiters

Common Sense vs. Common Senseless – How Thomas Paine Can Be Applied To Modern Day; Part Two

Without Trucks America Stops

High Speed Trains and The Future of Transportation

Pilot-Less and High Speed Train Transportation Systems; Better Strategy Needed

Mass Transportation Efficiencies and Price Per Rider Theories

Population and Transportation in the Modern Era of International Terrorism

Protecting Our Buses from International Terrorists

Union Members Don t Be Fooled, Conservative Talkers Have it in for You


What Is The Filibuster All About?

Bushs Election Victory: Ethics, Morality and Religion Defeated War, Economy and Foreign Policy

How Futuristic Is Anarchy As A Way To Organize The State (I)

How Futuristic Is Anarchy As A Way To Organize The State (II)

CBM’s Indo-Pak Peace Process

China: Tibet Standoff

The Delicate Art of Balancing The Budget

The Professions of the Future

What could Macedonia Learn from a Tiger? Asian Tigers and Uninterrupted Economic Growth

Public Procurement and Very Private Benefits

Ifs and VATs of Taxation in Macedonia – Should VAT be Applied in Macedonia?

Battling Societys Cancer: Unemployment

Should the Government Compensate the Clients of TAT?

The Typology of Financial Scandals

Is The Bill Of Rights Necessary?

Economic Illiteracy Can Be Very Costly!

The Will To Fight for Islam

Religion, Wars and Civilization

Truckers Take Some Hits and Keep On Trucking

Toll Ways Hurt The Flow of Transportation

Minor Disruptions Cause Chaos in Transportation

Maximizing Efficiency at Our Airports

Bureaucracy Suffocating the Flow of Transportation

California Mutual Assistance Program

Environmentalism and Roads in Our Forests

Fire Fighting and Healthy Forests

May Day, May Day

World Moving from Socialism to Capitalism

Upcoming Palestinian Elections Might Put Extremists In Power

French NON to Europe Might be Engrained in Their History

The Worlds Eldest Democracy Was A Truly Romantic Affair

US Social Security – Is President Bush A Robin Hood After All?

Democracy, War and the Media – Uneasy Bedfellows All Round

Feeling Squeezed by Political Correctness

FTC Franchise Disclosure Law Invites Violations; Do Not Call Lists


California Power and Commodity Markets

Public Utilities, Monopolies and Problematic Structures

Garbage in Garbage out; California Blackouts

Mexican Living: A Disabled Man Speaks for Terri

The Truth About Power and Absolute Zero

National Security; College Campuses

How Can We Elect Good Leaders?

Fear, Controversy and Chaos in the Media

Double Standards for Regulators?

Failure to Supervise at the Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade Commission Will Not Monitor MLM Companies

Biz Op Marketing and the Federal Trade Commission

FTC Hurts Franchising Consumers

The US Government; Under Sarbaines Oxley

Accounting Nightmare at the FTC

Tax Dollars and Transparency of Government Agencies

Where have all the Heroes gone

Government Franchise Model; taking it virtual

Whose Afraid of the Government; Whose the Government Afraid of?

Why Can’t We Have a More Responsive Government?

Faith in Our Government

Government is a Franchise System; just not a very good one

George Bush and the Iraq War – Down on Downing Street

The British Sikh Army

Fair Trade and Pearls in the U.S.

Belly Full of the Clintons [Political View]


The Irish Issue

Joseph Campbell – Permanent Human Values

How Does the US Congress Really Work?

Monsanto Terminator Seeds

Adminstration of E-Business Taxation

Some Farmers and Organic Growers are Upset at Monsanto

Kudos For Monsanto Company

Free Markets, Farmers, and GM Crops

Should Farmers Plant GM Terminator Seeds?

Environmentalists Often Complain About GM Crops

Questioning Both Sides of the GM Crop Debate

Fury and Sound as GM Seeds Abound

Environmentalists Say GM Seeds are Bad News

How Small Business Benefits From Supporting Labor Unions

Homeless, Trash, Drugs and Transient Issues

Telemarketing and Job Losses

OSHA is just more BS from the Blob of Bureaucracy

Ohio Department of Transportation; Sector Economic Reality

The Contemporary Global Marketplace – IT, Software, and Services

Predator or Prey; Hunter or the Hunted; Teacher or the Pupil; Winning or Losing?

Problems in the Media

Clearing Land Mine Fields from the Air

Medicade Scam; Worse than You Think

Public Notaries

Wartime Prisoners and the Will to Fight; War is Hell, Let’s Win Alright?

Going All Out to Win a War

Bringing Back Mining Jobs to the United States

Global Entrepreneurs, Mining and Raw Materials

Federal Trade Commission Partnerships Questioned

Mexican Trucks in the United States; NAFTA Trade and Problems

US Government Owes Martha Stewart 1 Billion Dollars

Paper Industry

Constitutional Amendment Needed on Sodomy Laws

Emerging Markets, Property Law

National ESRI Policies

Why Do US Media Ignore Secret UK Government Memo On A Mega Iraq War Conspiracy?

International Terrorists Have US Partners; The Federal Trade Commission

An ROI on National Security

Discount Cigarettes and Cheap Tobacco from Europe to the UK


Uncle Sam Cracks Down Online!

Timber Dumping

Housing Bubble, Interest Rates, Timber Costs; What Has Changed?

Steel Import Tariff Taxes Hurt Industry, Not Help Them

Trade Policy; Hurting Industry and Small Business

Oil Pipelines and Rates of Flow

New York Lawyers; Vindictive Government Prosecutors

DC Lawyers; Have I Got a Case for You?

Tax Attorney in Oregon or Washington; Does Your Small Business Have One?

Tax Attorney? You Might Need One; The City of Portland is Going After Small Businesses

California Attorneys and Politicians

Workmens Compensation Lawyers, Lets Raise Minimum Wage; No Lets Not, Say We Did, We Have

Seattle Lawyer and Financial Freedom

Conservation of Water in Big Cities

Silicon Valley Brain Drain; Bad Trade Policies, Why?

We Do Not Have An Upside Down Trade Deficit Because We Cannot Compete

Retirement Age Will Have To Be Raised Since People Are Living Longer

The Politics of American Public Education and Why Dramatic Progress Still Eludes Us

Eurovision Song Contest – Kiss My Butt Neighbours

Maryland Lawyers and Politicians Want More Regulations

Maryland State Legislator wants to kill jobs and small business

Smelter Closures In America Hurt Our Industrial Output

The Senate Filibuster: The Hulk Plan and the Nuclear Option

Boston Bankers

Mommas, Dont Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Lobbyists

Water at the Roots of Twenty First Centurys Conflicts

The Economic Giant– A Closer Look at China

Spies in Seminaries – Stalin the CEO

The Unborn and Cloning

RFID: Californias Identity Information Protection Act

Mental Masturbation of FTC Franchise Rule Report

Federal Trade Commission Falsely Purports Franchise Disclosure is Cost Effective

Federal Trade Commission Franchising Division; Inept?

George Bush–A New World Order

The FTC Purports and Misrepresents Their Law Enforcement Experience as It Attacks Business

FTC Franchise Rule Making Sound and Fury in the Sand Box of Free Markets

Hypocrisy of Over Regulation

Should the FTC be Allowed to Regulate Franchising?

Fraud From FTC Insiders, Who Can You Trust?

A Need to Review Abortion Laws In Belgium

The Hegemony – Church and State

Are We Really Getting Along?

Dole, Kemp, Trusting People

Carl von Clausewitz On War


Richard Nixon, the truth

Bird Flu may kill you and your family

Computer Cyber virus attack from hackers

Let us Disband The FTC’s Franchising Division

Federal Trade Commission Franchising Website Needs Updating

Enlightenment Experiments

The Wall of Honor

Mexicanizing America

911 Conspiracy Theory Revealed During Coffee Shop Conversation

Council of Six

Anti Government, Pro Democracy

Philosophical Thoughts from a Road Warrior; Part II

NASA and the Crisis Aboard MIR

Government Regulation Helps People

Suicide Prevention in Prisons

The United States Government Owes Arthur Anderson 16 Billion Dollars

Are Social Security Private Accounts a Good Deal or Raw Deal for African Americans?

MORAL ARMORS Economic Warning for Americans

The Civil War – FOGC


Is Inflation Harmful

How Many Cases Will Elliot Spitzer Lose Now?

Sarbanes-Oxley Reality Check on Bureaucracy

Iranian Elections and Boiling Points

Hillary Says Health Care Can Be Fixed with IT

Prison Abuses on Good Muslims

Elliot Spitzer for NY Governor

All Extremists Go To Heaven… Dont They

NASCAR to be Shut Down by FTC?

Starbucks Monopoly

Reprisal of the Bill of Proposed Electronic Crime Act 2004

Global Initiative of Electronic Commerce Taxation; Guiding Principles for Pakistan

Mexican Tariffs on American Goods?

Federal Trade Commission and Dismal Performance on Mergers

Iran is Escalating the Conflict

California Car Wash Fundraisers and Environmental Law

How Bill Cosby got it Wrong

The Fed and Other Garbage

Profiling Eco-terrorists

WiMax Election Strategy

Accessibility Requirements for Fair Housing

How Senator Sarbaines and Oxley Destroyed America

Chinese Ministry of Information Internet Registration Laws

Globalism and a Conspiracy

The U.S. Department of Justice vs. the Realty Industry, and Its Effect on Consumers

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

6 Steps to Destroy the American Infidels

China has the Answer to Environmental Dead Zones

China Finds Humans to Test Bird Flu Vaccine On, in Qinghai

911 Could Have Been Prevented, Was It Bush’s Fault?

Elliot Spitzer Blows Chunks

Elliot Spitzer, are the Rats Leaving the Ship

Environmental Economics, Stream of Thought

Liberal Agenda and Communism; Lance Rants

Political Correctness got you down?

NASA Budget Space Shuttle Thoughts

Shooting Around Corners with New Concept

Ex-CIA Folks are Problematic

US Army in Catch 22 on Gays Issue

Steel Tubing Tariffs Prove that NAFTA Still Needs Work

Howard Deans Big Fat Mouth

Elliot Spitzer Sued By Feds

When Political Correctness in NOT a Virtue

Hitler – Bush

The Public Is Enemy Number One

Do Not Tell The Truth

FTC Fixing SPAM?

Count Rumford

Freedom on the Internet

Media and the Iraq War, Some Random Thoughts Indeed 2001

RSS Meet Targets Advani

The Power of Media: Russian Perspective

The Reconstruction of Europe

Whats Right About Nebraska: How the Democrats Lost the Heart of American Populism

Iranian Elections – Roadmap To Continued Apathy

The Transformation Of Political Science And The Rise In Crime Rates

The Options For Regime Change In Iran

Why the United States just doesnt get the United Nations

Road Map Wont Work Cause PA Are Liars

North Korea and Diplomatic Solutions; Random Thoughts Part I

North Korea and Diplomatic Solutions; Random Thoughts Part II

North Korea and Diplomatic Solutions; Random Thoughts Part III

Was Pakistan a British Creation?

An Introduction to the Connecticut State Budget for 2004-2005

Connecticut Does Not Need Further Income Tax Hikes!

TABOR: The Growing Taxpayer Bill of Rights Movement and Economic Incentives for Industry

Question Authority

Quality of Life and Freedom, Unilateral Discussion

Politicians Will Save Civilization

Operation Iraqi Freedom, Soldiers and Their Psyche

Paid Assassins

US Government Regulators and Aides with AIDS

Great Melting Pot Indeed

The Gay Male Agenda for Political Dominance

Gas Prices and the Impact of Inflation

Illegal Aliens and Homeland Security; Rants from Lance 2003

Peace in the Middle East

MORAL ARMOR Condemns Home and Business Seizure Law

The Bush There Or Here Fallacy and the War in Iraq

The Project For A New American Century

How to Become a Whistle Blower

Osama bin Laden Needs a Pay Raise

Is This All There Is?

Cuba: Havana the Good


MORAL ARMORS Counterfeit 911: Refuting Michael Moore

The Mother of All Political Battles Has Begun!

Hitlers Positive Christianity… Unleashing the Patriotic Church

Will Gay Marriage Slow Down AIDS Crisis

Debt Relief and Reality Check

Dealing With UK Water Rates Debts: What You Need To Know

Responding to Article: Logic Class 101 Applied to the Minuteman Project

More Devastating Than a Nuclear Bomb

The Halakah and Neo Cons

Protecting Children From Porn

Pierre Dupont de Nemours

People Say – and Do – the Dumbest Things

The G-8 and Other Figureheads

Government Backed Fraud in Academia

Confession of a King

Dismal Performance of the NSA

How to Tell When Government Regulators are Shopping You

Ronald Reagan is Right

Thoughts Born of Tragedy …

The Rosicrucian Council of Three

Lyndon Johnson – The Day After Dallas

Thune Republicans: Sudden Friends of the Working Person?

Lets Make Some Things Clear about John Thune/Dan Nelson/MetaBank MetaGate

Global/Israeli Corruption!

Anyone Awake Out There?

Carl Rove and the Case of Sour Grapes

Chinese Rhetoric Over Taiwan, Back At You

The Gun Control Debate

Birth of a Nation

The Protocols of Sion # 2

The Protocols of Sion #1

Interview With A Former ACLU Office

The Elephant Roared and Brought Forth a Turd: A Case Against Democratizing the Middle East

National ID Cards Have More Than Australians Concerned

Image is Everything in Redevelopment Projects

Congress Considers National Data Privacy Law

John Roberts – Supreme Court Nominee

The Federal Trade Commission, reality check


Governments Worst Agency

Public Schools Are Un-American

Socialist Public Schools In America

The Absurdity of the Public School Monopoly

American Eugenics

Mother Russia and Poland

Is Congress Going to Lay the Groundwork to Include Education with the Steroid Legislation?

Between Hiroshima Japan 6 August and the NY 11 September!

Unemployment Iraqi Style

Lets Call A Spade A Spade

The Black Flag Of Anarchy

Conspiracy Theory; Kill Off the Old Folks

How Can You Have True Freedom if They Control Every Aspect of Your Life?

We Must Register AIDS Carriers and Homosexual Men

Dealing with Massive Prisoners of War

Ground Gas Canisters for Land Mines

Transporting Troops in the Future

The Cost of the COLD WAR

How to Deal with Poverty

The Pilgrims and Beacon Hill Mob

Arbitrageous Outrageous and Immoral

The Route to Democracy

Are American Twins – Majority Rule and Public Opinion, Sometimes Just a Couple of Dumbbells?

Justice Department Losing the War on Street Gangs

Army Recruiting Dilemma Discussed

Bio Attack Nation Unready

World Power Brokers Readying for WWIII

War with Red China Eminent Now

Lawyers and Franchising

Vision India – 2025 (Expectations of an Ordinary Person)

Jihad Will Continue

Al-Qaida has Nukes

Poitical Opinion – No Comment


MAURITANIA: Celebrating Tayas Ouster? Musical Chairs No Longer Fashionable In Africa

Poverty in America: Over 35 Million Living Below the Poverty Line

Jay Hammond – Alaska Governor and Creator of the Permanent Fund

Policy Separated from Politics

Are Illegal Mexicans Really Bad for America?

Does America Get It about Terrorism?

Political Lobbying & Biblical Aspects of the Mid-East Crisis

Intelligent Design – Why are the Intelligent So Afraid of It?

Dafur Emergency: A Challenge To Civilisation

Netanyahu: Too Late For A Fight-back?

Are We Serious About Fuel Alternatives?

Adolph Hitler

Electronic Commerce Taxation: Emerging Legal Issues – Part I

Electronic Commerce Taxaton: Emerging Legal Issues – Part II

Sweet Lies, The Aspartame Issue

Proven Risk Youth Vs At-Risk & High-Risk Youth

Arrogance Of Terror

Fundamentalist: Fascist or Common-Sense?

What Ordinary People Are Saying–Robertson Assassination Comment

Regulatory Hooey Protects Us From Our Own Health

Mr. Bin Laden: Tear this Wall Down

Why One May Not be able to Locate Your Lost Money in the States Unclaimed Property Database

There Ought to Be a Law

Does Your Farm Stink? The EPA Wants to Find Out

Fuel Prices on the Rise

Emminent Domain May Hit Close to Home

A Modern Lite in the Third World

The Dragons

Six Sigma Can Improve Government Practices

Genetically Modified Plants Could Become Sentinels for the Military

Using More Trees to Reduce Atmospheric CO2

Illegal Immigration – No Sign of Slowing Down

PA Congressional Pay Hike Raises Eyebrows

A Deal Made With Ireland

What Did You Do In The War Daddy?

Wartime Britain & Things Look Bleak

Death and Destruction and the Run Up to D Day

Preparing to Invade Japan

Thomas Paine / Jefferson

The FIRST FAMILY of the United States

Gasoline Prices Going Through the Roof

End Time Clock Ticking Away?

Look! America Take a Look!

News Media Misguided or Just Plain Liars?

Cindy Sheehan – President Bush and the Accountability Moment

Will They Sterilize Vagabonds and Drunkards in Belarus?

John Kerry as a Prosecutor?

Immigration: Ten Points to Ponder

Employment Legislation: Proposed Employment Law Changes – To Take Effect 1 October 2005

Liberalism – A Mark Too Low A Price Too High

Making Peace with Our Ancestors and Neighbors

Social Security Rant

Government Workers and Lawyers Revolving Door Rule Needed

The Wage-Productivity Gap

The Internet Right – Are They Doing It Right?

Rants by Lance: BRAC Committee Talks Irrelevant Completely

Intellectual Property: The ECJ Extends the Use of Trade Marks to Goods and Services

Media Advertising: New Alcohol Advertising Codes – 1 October 2005

US Government Sore Losers in Not So Neighborly Dispute

Lost and Found in Gaza

Think You Dont Need A License for A Wireless Microphone? Think Again

Russian State Administration Gives New Facelift to Oil and Energy Resources

5 Years in Prison for Satirical Flash Films About the President of Belarus

Positive People Power – Taking Control By Being Proactive NOT Reactive!

Mexico; Look What We Did

In Defense of the Feds Vs Katrina

We Are Turning a Corner in Foreign Relations, Thanks GW Bush!

Is George Bush Two-Faced?

Victims of Child Support