Economics and Politics of Regional Droughts

It cities across America water is an issue, the flow is sporadic, either too much or too little. We must stabilize the flow, so businesses can plan, people can feel secure and we will not be caught with our pants down during the next drought. In some parts of our country the drought is now approaching 10-years and it is serious and economically destabilizing. As the droughts become more often, more severe and longer in length due to over use of supply, we must be ready. Many cities understand the importance of water and the psyche involved in plentiful water and the innate happiness it brings to the human spirit and they have developed River Walks, boat rides, etc to encompass such water features. Cities like Oklahoma City, Tempe, AZ; San Antonio, Caldwell ID, Wichita KS, Reno, NV; etc.

Many cities rely on tourism to their lakes some man-made and others natural. With these lakes down and the evaporation taking it’s toll, it is difficult to create a man-made lake and justify keeping it filled. Lakes like Lake Las Vegas a high-end million dollar plus home area has suffered as have areas were the lakes are down over 20 feet making boat launching nearly Impossible and hurting tourism dollar. Normally when air travel is down lakes do well since many people can drive to these lakes. But along with fuel prices being high and water levels being low due to the disruption of flow the problem is compounded. Companies, which work in Chemicals, refining, food processing, paper product manufacturing, growing agricultural products stand to be pitted against populations for the control of water.

Depending on the voting block and the social contract of the populations to conserve in times of droughts will be in direct proportion to the survivability of those businesses and industries in those regions. This of course in terms of short-term drought hysteria is a problem. We have recently seen the possibilities of growth, building and new housing industries pitted against the thirsty populations for water in legislatures across the country, this last drought which has still not filled up the reservoirs to the appropriate levels was merely a trial run.

The droughts also happened in 1977 and in 1985 and next time they could be even more severe due to the replenished water supplies are probably not going to be returned to normal levels while usage continues to climb. We must fix the infrastructure to handle to flow needed for the future. Think about it.

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