Population and Transportation in the Modern Era of International Terrorism

It is important as populations expand to work on the Flow of Transportation components, which effect our civilization. We must improve the flows without increasing cods in the wheel with over burdensome rules for companies or operators. We have seen in recent years the slow moving steering committees, long-term bureaucrat heads, confines on R and D, duplication of regulations by states, pet projects, linear decision making and pure partisan politics; all of which impede the flows of transportation. None of which streamline it or make our transportation systems more efficient.

When transportation fails us we are put into a very bad situation. For instance in 1892 we saw the collapse of 4 railroads, right after the banks failed, 10’s of thousands became unemployed and thus the panic of 1893. If we study history we see that when transportation fails stability becomes uncertain and chaos can ensue. We saw during the recent Blackout power outage of 2003 when the subways stopped, traffic signals stopped, gas stations could not pump and the transportation stopped. Although people kept calm you can see the transportation issues with the movement of people.

On the day and days following the International Terrorist events on 9-11 we saw the grounding of all commercial aviation transportation, taking out a major sector of travel. Many people who were stranded soon found out that there are a multitude of other methods of transportation. These other forms of transportation included Amtrak, rental cars, Greyhound and Trailways, Tour buses, private cars, motor homes, trucks, etc. These back up systems in place of air travel may not have been as convenient, but a heck of a lot more convenient that the expeditions of Lewis and Clark or great migrations of families in covered wagons. Even the first automobile to travel across the United States set a record; it took exactly 66 days. Today you can drive it in four or five if you have to. Today we have a lot more people to think about and move around and we need a cohesive plan with redundancy incase of failure. Think about it.

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