Belly Full of the Clintons [Political View]

As I read the papers and watch the news day after day after day, and listen to the debates on what we Americans should do with Iran and North Korea, as if we were the only ones involved, yet as always the world will put their two cents in, and to be quite honest, that is all financially they will give, but for advise, like my neighbors, they will give a tone of it away free. Anyhow, I should get to my clout in my throat. As I read the papers and watch the news day after day, as I was saying before, I can’t be the only one that feels this way, yet sometimes I think I am, because I have not read much about what I’m going to say, in the floating media; be it reluctance on everyone else’s behalf, or perhaps I’m just wrong. But when I check the records, it indicates I’m not. Oh well, possibly people are just full of crap and don’t like the truth. Here is a bag full. Because of President Clinton, and let me say it again to get it right, Big Bill, Wild Bill, our ex-president Bill Clinton, they are all the same to me, because of this goofball, because of this wise guy, we have two towers down in New York City today (yes I’m talking about 9/11). It was not because of the FBI; nor the CIA; or President George W. Bush. No, no, no, it is because of Buffalo Bill Clinton; and his goofball wife.

Every time I think of this, I have to take calm down pill. Anyhow, in 1999-I hope we have not all forgotten that year-as I was about to say, in 1999 the Clinton Administration could have sent missiles into the camp where Bin Ladin was, they had him focused in like a bug on a glass window, with the sun focusing in on him, parading around like a peacock. For some odd reason-and I think we all should know this, but when I see the world looking every which way, but at the Clintons, I fear they all need glasses, or a movie by our screwed up hero Sean Penn. Anyhow, the reason Mr. Ladin did not get a ass full of rocket juice was because he was with some high and mighty VIPs from the oil fields. So Mr. Clinton sacrificed New York City, and Washington D.C. (in my eyes), for the Middle East Camel Humpers. For what? for the sake of friendship (s). Because of this wild card he played, we can thank him for oil at the pumps I suppose, but not for the loss of 3000-lives.

Dennis Siluk, Author, Columnist and Poet; see web site at dennissiluk.tripod.com

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