Monsanto Terminator Seeds

How do you feel about Terminator Seeds from Monsanto? I have determined that I am in favor of Terminator Seeds, having seen the complaints against it and the evidence for it. Also to curb the problem of GM seeds over taking the Natural Wild Seeds of rice, wheat, etc. which mankind has adapted too. Now then the debate goes like this.

Pro: crops will use less water, less apt to be damaged by insects and less likely to need additional insecticide or poison. Seeds will not regenerate or cause the introduction into wild versions of native plants.

Con: How dare you fool with Mother Nature. You are playing god. GM foods are evil. We have enough to feed the world. Monsanto is putting a price on life.

No matter which side of the debate of GM Seeds “Monsanto Terminator Style” you are on, you are sure to provoke a reaction from the other side which stands tall in their resolve.

At issue is the future of agriculture as we know it, the future is exciting and we plow into new territory of a world with GM crops and abundance in crop yields. Now then without further discussion here is what we have found; An Article Condemning GM Terminator Seeds First: Terminator Seeds, NGOs, Water Supplies, GM Crops and Feeding The World; Titled: WITHOUT BARS- TERMINATOR.

http://www.whatareweswallowing.freeserve.c…withoutbars.htm .

This is an interesting subject in that. First, the Environmentalists and Academia were concerned that the GM Crops would take over, spread out side of growing areas and change the landscape of every living organic plant, crop and insect. Worried about wild Sun Flower Plants, Rice and Corn. Now Monsanto has come up with a new idea to solve that problem by “Terminating Seeds” so in fact this problem that all the academia and alarmists warned us about is totally solved. So then what is the problem now? After all terminator seeds also insures they can continue to sell their seeds to get a return on their investment in research and work towards feeding the human race across the surface of the planet.

Sounds like a WIN/WIN? Yes, but there is more to the story and first you must determine how you feel about the over all issue at hand. Think about it.

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