Fury and Sound as GM Seeds Abound

We have all heard of the huge debates surrounding genetically modified crops. Yet we also have all seen the advertising to sponsor a child in the third world. Now the GM crop debate has erupted on other continents and smaller groups are raising cane. In Brazil in particular has some harsh words on the issue from at least one critic.

Regarding this statement:

“Colleague Ms Silvia Ribeiro stated “USDA’s role in developing Terminator seeds is a disgraceful example of corporate welfare, involving a technology that is bad for farmers, dangerous for the environment and disastrous for world food security.”

This sounds a bit like a sound an fury statement of a rebel leader screaming; “the leadership is unfit to lead,” in pure guerilla style. Let us understand the free market element which guides the direction of innovative companies such as Monsanto which is at the center of this debate with their new GM Terminator Seeds which show promise in feeding the world.

If a Company fails to see the needs of its customers it will invite a new line of business and competition. If you do not service your customers someone else will. For instance; farmer Joe and friends growing crops to sell the seeds to neighboring farmers, thus offsetting the incredible costs in farming with unknown and risky payoffs, using a Co-op format, are they hurt in any way by GM terminator seeds? It could be a blessing and help a farmer to greater profitability, that is if in fact Monsanto is out to bilk the industry and set a course for a hyper taxation on the human races foods supply, which last time I checked they are certainly out to make money but have no intention of destroying the human race, after all that would neither serve them or anyone else. Also the other issues stated serve said farmer if they did.

Terminator seeds actually prevent cross over infiltration of seeds to wild species, help farmers if they are taken advantage of and are part of the solution to feed the world. Think about it, we are.

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