International Terrorists Have US Partners; The Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission in their latest move to increase (MUD) Much Unnecessary Disclosure on the Franchisors of this Nation is helping the International Terrorists with in depth information. By requiring extra disclosure the FTC is making what would normally be private business information into public knowledge and part of the franchising rules required disclosure. Including addresses and names of all outlets and owners. The FTC will not even look into this complaint and continues to this day to jeopardize the American People’s safety.

Even if the Federal Trade Commission thinks that this latest doom and gloom of international terrorism is a perceived and purported reality or non-event similar to Y2K, Russian Nuclear War Holocaust, Asteroid Collision, or Planet’s Aligning. Why is the FTC not going along with the rest of the country and the current direction? If the FTC truly believes that international terrorism is a façade and if that is their general consensus of the issue, how can they be so sure? Are they willing to take that risk on behalf of the entire economy in the event of another attack, which might use the franchising model as a screen or cover? This is what the Federal Trade Commission is saying by their actions to further pursue the MUD. In every single industry these days they are enacting ‘Know You Customer Laws’, yet the FTC feels it in their power to make rules preventing Franchisors from knowing our customer, due to privacy concerns, yet expects us franchisors to divulge more and more information to the public? WHY?

This issue has been mentioned of International Terrorists risks associated with the current disclosure documents and hereby put the FTC on notice that they are causing a severe breach in our nations security and potential risks to the lives of tens of thousands of consumers and countrymen. If there is another attack on this country from an international terrorist group and they use a franchised business to do it, then the blood will be on the Federal Trade Commissions hands and the MUD on their face will be that of Massive Unnecessary Disclosure policies.

The Federal Trade Commission should not be a linear thinker in their rule making on the franchise industry with the MUD that follows the flood of regulation. Over regulation in the franchising sector will slow the economy and cost thousands their American Dream and further ad to any decay of the middle class and economic stability and vitality of our nation. That sure sounds a lot like Osama Bin Laden’s mission. Hate to rain on anyone’s parade but that sure seems like MUD to me. Whose team is the Federal Trade Commission really on? Why are they wishing to make rules which will aid and abet the enemy and could possibly damage the Country’s business and financial interests while potentially killing tens of thousands of consumers? The franchising industry has a right to know before they are forced by arbitrary rules to get in bed with such a trend. We must stop this flood of MUD and debris now, before it is too late. This over regulation and unnecessary disclosure is insanity. It is time for the FTC to join the business community in the protection of America. Think about it.

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