New York Lawyers; Vindictive Government Prosecutors

We all know Elliot Spitzer is going to run for governor. We can see he is very vindictive in his endeavors. However have you asked yourself; Since when is it okay for someone who is an Attorneys General to act out the way he does? We are seeing more and more abuse of power. I personally know someone who emulates Elliot Spitzer who is a young up and coming rising star in a Federal Agency, who would in fact go out of their way to falsify documents, make threats, hide their identity, and attack reputable folks on behalf of competitors and for reasons of self gratification and future job titles and kudos?

Elliot Spitzer has abused the law, made a death threat and should be terminated as this sets a horrible example of vindictiveness, pettiness and a scary precedence. He must be taken to task and fired immediately. If not more will follow his lead like the young homosexual regulator I mentioned above who works for the Federal Trade Commission. If this continues we will have the attorneys who could be likened to International Terrorists as they attempt to destroy freedom and free markets for their own personal gain. This is a horrible day for Americans when an Attorneys General can make death threats and get away with it. Apparently there is no Truth, Justice and the American way in the Big Apple anymore? We must question what we as Americans stand for is this it? Is this all the more we expect for those who serve the will of the common good? I think not? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6039030/site/newsweek/

This attitude in the name of justice is a sham and it is another strike against the men and women who died and all our family names to allow this to go on. It sets a bad example of future regulators. I have witnessed this personally from the local city code enforcement officer, no not the BTK who was a code enforcement officer, a different one and I have witnessed this all the way up to Federal Agencies with our public trust in mind and sworn to up hold the Constitution. Those laws we freely follow as we agree under public contract and/or our chosen God to live within in our civilization. If this is all the better Elliot Spitzer can do as the Attorneys General, then maybe we do not need any Attorneys Generals or Attorneys to help us interpret what is right and wrong and enforce the laws of this land.

What are you thoughts, do you find this acceptable, are you satisfied with this behavior? Is this good enough for the NYC power house of World Financial Markets, are you willing to put your trust in a Public Official who thinks like this? Well? Are you? Do you believe in our freedoms? What’s next Witch Hunting with Crosses and Stakes and straw under their feet? Hmmm? Haven’t we seen enough abuse of power yet from such regulators, when will it be enough; when Ayn Rand is proven correct? When there are no items on the shelves, when you pay $4.00 per gallon for gas and five for milk, $900 for Health Care per month and parking a mere $28 per period? Hmmm? It is okay to scream if you have had enough. I wonder if anyone else out there has had enough of one Elliot Spitzer, the man who would be king? He is breeding new generation of vindictive government lawyers who will take your freedoms and destroy free enterprise; because they can? So many wish to continue to emulate him and want his prestige and power. If you think Elliot Spitzer is just fine, then you dear reader are a moron and are need of a reality check. Think about it, if you have a brain.

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