Are We Really Getting Along?

When you look at the news, immigrants are dying trying to get to America. Some are in America legally and illegally. I really don’t have a problem with the immigrants unless they do it the wrong way. My problem comes into play when they come to America and they don’t know English. Working with Hispanics I have come to understand them much better. Alot of them have been taught that working is critical. Education isn’t important. Well, in American Education and working are 2 very critical components.

Now, if you can remember President Fox mention that Hispanics do the jobs that Blacks won’t do. To a certain degree that’s true because there are many blacks who are educated and “No” some blacks don’t want to work at a Fast Food restaurant making $4.75. Heck, there are some Whites who won’t do that without an education. It’s a noted fact that without an education, the jobs that most will receive are fast food jobs. It’s nothing wrong with a fast food job but being educated myself that’s something that I don’t aspire to be.

Mr Fox needs to remember that some Hispanics are here illegally. Let’s be real, many and I mean many are here illegally. Yes, I must admit that if Hispanics would have been around during slavery times the blacks would have been left in Africa. Heck, Hispanics are harder workers than Whites and Asians. I don’t knock the Hispanics for what they do. I just wish they would do things the legal and right way. Until another controversial article….take care.

Arnetta Murray a wife and mother whose trying her hands at entreprenuership. She’s a college graduate with experience in Music and Mediation. Arnetta currently works part-time in Basic Adult Education. At the present moment she’s currently working on her debut book and trying to start her website business. Her firefigher husband and 5 kids keeps her busy nonstop. She is very active in church and PTO of her kids school.

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