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Many in the peanut gallery of society are so quick to attack the republican party, out of duty to their side of the sound and fury of human endeavor, however if you are really going to attack people without debating their concepts then in fact you are no better than those you condemn. I recommend to all that you look at both sides and see how similar we really all are. I recommend you go buy the Audio Tape about the Dole-Kemp Plan and play it in your car. If you still wish to blast them personally or the Republican party then at least you will have a better understanding of what you are talking about without making a fool of yourself. Here the name of the audio tape and yes it is also available in CD, I knew you would ask:

Audio Tape Review or Compact Disk; “Trusting the People, The Dole-Kemp Plan to Free the Economy and Create a Better America; By Bob Dole and Jack Kemp.

This is an interesting audio tape in that at the time their logic is as sound as it is today and will always be. Perhaps this is why Bill Clinton’s administration acted more like a Republican Administration during his second term with regards to the economy. The only fall back in the business-economic sense, which has now come to light is the onerous regulatory process that stifled the economy, entrepreneurship and capital investment by business both big and small.

They were right on the money when stating that the American economy rests on the shoulders of small business as it’s foundation. As much of the figures depicted in the book are misquoted or out of context the rational remains the same. Perot often used the figures game and it tended to work by quoting big numbers in the Billions when 10 billion is actually very little when it comes to moving this economy anywhere. Bill Clinton looked better on TV, was able to relate to the people better. That was his strong suit. He was also extremely savvy in his politics.

The Friedman economic views recited in this book are pretty much what is being done now with the Bush Administration and we will see a huge reemergence of the great economic powerhouse we are. I personally agree with most of their advice, although question the 15% reduction in income tax and favor a real low flat tax as designed by Steve Forbes, and a Constitutional Amendment that government live within it’s means. No taxation without representation in the hidden realm of fees, licenses, permits, fines, lawsuits, etc. A tax is a tax, and tea in the bay is still tea that tastes bad. The other disagreement I have with their plan is with regards to FCC Licensing of frequencies. This is unacceptable in that it causes artificial inflation of users and subscribers of those frequencies and therefore is paid by the American people, as business has to move those costs onto the public. In hindsight we can see the problems with the telecoms. In any economy of any value we still see a few underlining necessities in this era: A system of education, Infrastructure, Systems of mass distribution, Communication, Transportation, stable currency and banking system. Communication should be as little cost as possible to insure it is used to the best of its ability and that the most possible users use it. This promotes economic growth. Causing artificial barriers of any sorts such as artificial price inflation through frequency auctions to the highest bidder means the consumer and business user will bare its burden causing inefficiency. Same as a dam restricts water flow, or a toll bridge hurts commerce. If fewer people are using the system of communication due to costs there is a barrier to entry to the world of efficiency thus hurting everything we buy. That is so short sided it is pathetic and moronic. It is so obvious; I for one cannot fathom the in competency here. The billions of dollars paid to the FCC has costs this nations 10xs that in lost efficiency and lost tax revenue for the government due to the slowing of trade, innovation and profits from that very inefficiency.

The FCC is a government agency and with the extra money they will get bigger. Who needs a bigger FCC? Who needs any branch of government any bigger unless it promotes freedom, free markets, or protects our citizenry or people? So in summary I disagree with the figures used for the arguments on the economy, but agree with the basic premises. I strongly disagree with the FCC frequency auctions. The frequencies should go the companies who can best fulfill their duties to all Americans and offer the best trouble free communication to the most markets both large and small. Once it has been determined the best companies to fulfill this mission they should be granted to those companies forthwith and get on with the program as fast as possible thus helping the most amount of people quickest. But the tape was good and the rest was fine. You should listen to it.

The hardest thing for you is going to be proving to yourself that Bill Clinton’s economic policy was bad when we had a hell of a great economic run. It was about the economy then and now and Bill was not stupid and still isn’t. It was not the policies that were so terribly bad it was the regulatory paper tiger run amuck. That was what hurt us. Best to read Ann Rand’s “When Atlas Shrugged” to understand what I mean. Another good book is “The Business End of Government” by Dan Smoot. Since Bob Dole and Jack Kemp did not win the election we will never know and even with this little recession we just got through, I do not see it to be so bad since inflation was also low, but looking for a space to run. Sometimes looking at the recent past can provide guidance for our future, think on this.

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