Federal Trade Commission Franchising Website Needs Updating

Many times our government regulatory over embellish problems in the market place and misrepresent the true picture of fraud involved. Often this is done to put fear into consumers and justify their need. Truly very little government is actually needed at all. Any studier of government would agree.

I would like to advise the Federal Trade Commission that their “Consumer Guide to Franchising” section of their website needs up dating, as some of the information there is misleading and a misrepresentation of the industry. It is a good idea to have no doubt, few could argue otherwise, but franchising is evolving and it is not a one size fits all industry.

With the new re-write of regulation in franchising and hopefully some downsizing of the MUD (much unnecessary disclosure), we should be taking into consideration the many different industries which have never been franchised before coming into the loop and recognize that some of the information will not fit all of these new industries or the hybrid co-branding models. That should be reviewed immediately by the IFA, using franchisees, post sales process franchisees in good standing, franchisors and Steve Toporoff. It should include whatever definitional changes that come with this new franchising rule changes.

It would be nice to reduce regulation and put on the Federal Trade Commission website confirmation to consumers that little fraud exists in modern day franchising, because that is the God’s honest truth and the Federal Trade Commission should deal in factual information. The Federal Trade Commission should not be scaring consumers using fear tactics into becoming conspiracy theorists of the franchising model. Let’s think on this.

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