Starbucks Monopoly

Is Starbucks a monopoly? It fits all the definitions. Does this mean the FTC will make them break it up like AT&T? Or is the Federal Trade Commission too chicken after losing the case with Microsoft? The FTC knew better than to go after Microsoft, after all they did nothing wrong except adding features to their operating system and programs. Is the FTC not attacking the Starbucks because all of its employees go to the one across the street in Washington, D.C..

It appears that the FTC is afraid of laying it on the line for predatory pricing after creating the Starbuck’s monopoly. The FTC has made it tough on franchises, which are new to enter the market to company with all the disclosure law to give Starbucks a run for their money. So essentially the FTC helped Starbucks become a monopoly in the first place, now they are afraid to look like the truly cheesy agency that they are in all their puffery.

How can we trust an agency of the US Government, which is so submersed in bureaucracy to be in-charge of anti-trust laws? Since Starbucks has bought up all the coffee fields in the world they have risen the cost of coffee world wide, this makes it very tough for other coffee companies to make a profit. Starbucks fits the perfect Monopoly Scenario, but the FTC will not do anything about it, because their attorneys are weak, wet behind the ears and they know Starbucks would kick their ass in a court of law. Our government, which is afraid to take on a real case cannot and will not enforce their own laws. Maybe they are seeing the error of their ways in the Anti-Trust Laws. Unfortunately the FTC is equally afraid to admit the mistake of the Anti-Trust Laws. May I ask why we need the anti-trust laws in the first place and once we get rid of that joke of regulations in the World’s greatest nation; can we please get rid of this worthless agency? What a complete waste of taxpayers money? Why not go to “FourBucks” and think on it?

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