Iran is Escalating the Conflict

Iran has threatened to raise America’s fuel prices again. They have said they will most likely comply with the nuclear weapons productions, but are quite spiteful with regards to a different attack on American Soil. They are using what they believe to be levers available to them in OPEC. Iran has threatened to ask OPEC; Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to slash output when the group meets this next week. Iran’s OPEC governor has made this comment in the news.

So are they all going to screw us in the United States and then allow Iran to be the one to blame? Yet, we will not be able to go to war now over the nuke thing. But we all know they have been exporting insurgents to Iraq to kill Iraqi police and US service men and of course the miscellaneous civilian for a head chopping video? We can still justify a war to take out the Iranian leadership. This time it could actually be a war about oil as well as insurgents, but we in America want our oil prices lowered not raised. So, we will need to economically cripple the country, attack them with weapons or help the silent majority in a civil war.

Another way we can crush these abuses of power and bull crap games they play is to enlist wall street to attack all Iranian interests and slam their investments and currency. Completely destroy their economy and economic output. This will lead to a civil war and we will make a lot of money screwing them over. It seems that is exactly what their governor said he wanted to do. A cartel, which manipulates the supply as an attack against the United States is in fact committing an act of war; it is a play to bring about political will. It is time we shut that down now and stop screwing with those who wish us ill will. These sorts of threats against our nations economy are an act of a war.

If we are going to pay more for oil anyway and the Iran continues to threaten the peace, send in insurgents to kill our soldiers, a war is a good option. Killing one’s own species is a horrible thing to do, but this war has already started and instead of unraveling the problems Iran is trying to wind things up; we must lay down the letter of the law and stop screwing with people who will not honor the written or spoken word. How can you even maintain peace or make a treaty with a group, which lies, cheats and looks for ways to stick you in the back, every time you turn around? It appears we will be going to war with Iran. This OPEC game playing now is really going to be the last stray. We need to pull out all the stops and stop playing games with such underhanded games. Oh, don’t get me wrong I also am not fond of the North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Il either. We can easily do both and continue our rebuilding efforts. Think on this America, do you want to pay $4.00 a gallon at the pump or would rather put a stop to some of this BS.

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