Globalism and a Conspiracy

The globalist’s are the new breed, the new generation if that is what I can call it. The new internationalist might be better. They all think they will find salvation in humanism, or in man himself. I say good luck chumps. Globalism has planted these seed a generation ago, or so, maybe longer, but they started sprouting a generation ago. It calls for the control by governments by a government, to control our wealth, resources; as the United Nations would like to have done, had Kerry made it as President; internationalize the US to their liking. The wealth and resources are somewhat control anyhow, the internationalist have been busy.

It is hard in a way to pin-point the enemy exactly, but terrorism has re-focused us not to pay attention to this emerging dilemma. We are slowly all being fenced in, like it or not; like in a concentration camp. If you can’t feel it, you’re too busy with other crap. It is mixed with psychological intimidation that is a way in capturing without hogtying a person, country, and eventually the world.

I am still on the premise of Globalism [Globalization]; I will get into the conspiracy in a moment. We have a few of them going on: Globalism is one in itself, the other is our children.

As I was about to say, I could not have said this 40-years ago, it wasn’t so noticeable I suppose, and I was too young to give a sh?t.But it is so obvious now, if you can’t see it, you are blind, or want to be. I love America, but I’d not raise my kids here any longer, should I have one now, and I do not intend in having one. Nor is this any longer a place to retire, it is although a place to make money. That is not cutting down America, for I spent 11-years in the military, it is telling the truth. The American family structure produces mentally ill children, starting at the age of five. We can give thanks to our legislatures for most of that, and some to the parents, and drugs, and fast pace of our life style, and the no-god syndrome we have going on now.

Teachers are a big blame for this; the ungodly creatures, I’d take my kid to a private school nowadays, should I be forced to raise a child in America. But can I blame the teachers all that much? When we got Activist Judges that should have half the blame, and who do you think makes up the criteria for the schools, it is the Behavioral Psychologists, not the education system, lest you want to remain fooled like the many.

Patriotism has its new obstacles, as the global network takes control. We can see, and are being taught: global perspective; global family settings; global responsibility; global citizenship, and evolutionary education, we are being herded like cows.

Humanism is merely, Marxism, with a new face on it; it denies God, as Europe and the United Nations has done so plainly. Feminism is the last corner in the box of humanism to be cultivated. In our public schools, the truth of the matter is, the humanist manifesto is the key word, regardless of grade.

We as Americans have been under attack for a long time, because of our constitution, for it was made to protect the people and to give certain rights to the government that the people want the government to have, not like Iran, Saudi Arabia, the new EU constitution, etc. That is why we are under attack. We have freedoms, and this does not lay good with the humanist view. Our free enterprise system is under attack, as are our values.

When people are in despair, it is most easy to control them; like they do in the Middle East. They want to hang on to power at any cost.

In l975, the University of Nevada, James H. Lincoln, drafted up a document to be used in the future called, “Model Statue for Termination of Parental Rights.” Although the model in itself dates back some one hundred years, or the concept; in November, l976, it was reviewed by the Juvenile Justice System. Now call it what you will, but the proof is in the pudding. You ask, “Where is the conspiracy?” Just look around.

Dennis Siluk http://dennissiluk.tripod.com

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