Elliot Spitzer, are the Rats Leaving the Ship

Are the junior attorneys in the Attorney General’s office leaving the ship yet? Are the New York State Attorney General Office’s up and coming prosecutors and lawyers jumping ship as to not be caught in the future demise of Elliot Spitzer fall from reputation? We will see as Elliot Spitzer starts to lose all his cases that the attorneys in his office wish to distance themselves from the New York Attorney General’s office.

It is common knowledge that rats and rodents often leave the ship prior to it sinking. They seem to have sixth sense for this. We will soon begin seeing the exodus of attorneys into the private sector. Many of these attorneys had been riding on Elliot Spitzer’s stardom as he stole headlines day after day in order to build up his brand name. Elliot’s eventual goal is to convert this publicity into a successful run for governor of New York.

It is obvious now this will not come to be as his cases are turning out to be completely without merit and not even of the actual law. As a matter of fact the real fraud is not with those accused but rather in the actual complaint filed by his office? This is typical of today’s petty prosecutors. Little rug rats running around filing paper work in courts, which is nothing more than false accusations and abuse of power grabs under the auspice of protecting the consumer and investor. Think on this; I can see the rats running away now. You know what? It is about time.

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