The Reconstruction of Europe

The Second World War was the continuation of World War One and a plan to break down the existing structures in order to make this part of the One World plan come to fruition. They had tried this with the Merovingian Napoleon in a more direct fashion in the century before they put this refined plan in motion. Prince Bernhard was part of the Thulean Gestapo and I think Plantard was his equal on the apparent other side. Bernhard became the CIA man to head the Bilderberg founding and Plantard went on to be the Nautonnier of the Priory which even if it was new they both have been around in some way under some name since the Trojan War as I have demonstrated. Saunière as a top Priory official would have been part of the planning of this effort to unite the world beginning with Europe. Metternich, Czar Alexander II and others had seen the importance of uniting Europe. This Czar was assassinated for trying to create a real democracy or for his efforts on behalf of the US against the Rothschild plan. Clearly the Rothschilds had a change of heart after trying to break the US into many warring factions.

Hitler, Stalin and the Churchills who were in the pocket of the Rothschilds as well as other visible characters or ‘fronts’ were for public consumption and served their purpose well. This first quote is the reaction of a Canadian military attaché to the Allied government shortly after the second war to end all wars, when Bradley presented his book for comment. I take this a lot further than any book Bradley has written.

“He wasn’t surprised at the contents. He knew the story already, and said that everyone at appropriately high levels in Europe and North America knew it too. He advised us not to publish any of it.” (2)

I will give the reader the names of the families and a few more historical insights that include names of people who are very well known and alive today. The whole mess is purposefully confusing as Bradley notes on pages 338-9 of Holy Grail across the Atlantic:

“..And we may recall that other nonsensical fragment from the Dossiers secrets deposited sometime in the 1950s for researchers to find. ONE DAY THE DESCENDANTS OF BENJAMINE LEFT THEIR COUNTRY {With the help of their Phoenician ‘brothers’.}; CERTAIN REMAINED; TWO THOUSAND YEARS LATER GODFROI VI(DE BOUILLON) BECAME KING OF JERUSALEM AND FOUNDED THE ORDER OF SION {And the French Masons don’t accept SOUL.} Certain researchers had, by 1956, concluded that this Order of Sion had been THE super-secret organization behind the more overt Templars, Knights of St. John (Maltese Knights), Compagnie du Saint-Sacrement, etc. In short, this Order of Sion seemed to be THE Grail Dynasty’s core group. Was this new ‘Prieure de Sion’ registered in 1956 a legitimate descendant of the medieval Order of Sion?

The Prieure de Sion did not reveal the name of its leader, or Nautonnier, but it did list some officers and its Secretary-General, one Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair. A Saint-Clair again…

Researchers quickly discovered that the Plantards were an ancient lineage originating from the Pyrenees while, of course, it had long been appreciated that the Saint-Clairs were age-long paladins of the de Bouillon bloodline. The Prieure de Sion claimed a house organ, or ‘newsletter’, called Circuit, but the addresses given for both the Prieure de Sion and for Circuit’s offices did not exist… (pg.342)

The magazine also published a character sketch written by Plantard’s first wife, Anne Lea Hisler. According to this, Plantard was —the friend of personages as diverse as Comte Israel Monti, one of the brothers of the Holy Vehm, Gabriel Trarieux, one of thirteen members of the Rose-Croix, Paul Lecour, the philosopher on Atlantis, the Abbé Hoffet of the Service of Documentation of the Vatican {If this is not the same young man that Sauniere met who is in the same position it was someone of the same inner sanctum.}, Th. Moreaux, the director of the Conservatory at Bourges, etc. Let us remember that during the Occupation, he was arrested, and suffered torture, by the Gestapo and was interned as a political prisoner for long months. In his capacity of doctor of arcane sciences, he learned to appreciate the value of secret information, which no doubt led to his receiving the title of honorary member in several hermetic societies,….

On the other hand (pg.343), maybe we of the democratic and mechanistic world-view should not snicker loudly at all. The Marshall Plan, the financial and political plan for the reconstruction of Europe, was thrashed out at Lake Leman {Where Plantard de Saint-Clair had been brought by the Swiss Government, after his time with the Illuminati inspired Gestapo.} in Switzerland {The HQ of the Rothschild/Merovingians, where a town named Sion has an interesting statue.}. The American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, had approved this plan, and two of his closest friends and advisors had backgrounds and interests as disreputable as Pierre Plantard’s. One such advisor, the financial wizard Bernard Baruch, was a graduate of a French ‘hermetic’ school and was the financial architect of the so-called Marshall Plan {Kissinger was here too.}. He visited Lake Leman frequently in the immediate post-war years. FDR’s other close friend and advisor was the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, whose estate, ‘Taliesin’, was named in honour of that boasting Welsh bard we have already (pg. 344) referred to in the section about evidence that Joseph of Arimathaea may have come to the Glastonbury area…

And we may recall that FDR was the most notable shareholder in the ‘Old Gold Salvage and Wrecking Company’ which was engaged in delving for ‘pirate’ treasure on Oak Island. What did they wreck?

No, we dare not snicker. Because we do not have the faintest idea what has been going on beneath the comfortable blanket of history, the kind of history that Will and Ariel Durant have dealt with, and Barbara W. Tuchman… Who was the leader? Could he be the actual heir of the Dynasty? Reporters got onto that, too:

? ‘On February 13 (1973) the ‘Midi Libre’ published a lengthy feature on Sion, Sauniere and the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau. This feature specifically linked Sion with a possible survival of the Merovingian bloodline into the twentieth century. It also suggested that the Merovingian descendants included ‘a true pretender to the throne of France’, whom it identified as M. Alain Poher.

While not especially well known in Britain or the United States Poher was (and still is) a household name in France. During the Second World War he won the Resistance Medal and the Croix de Guerre. Following the resignation of de Gaulle, he was provisional President of France from April 28th to June 19th, 1969. He occupied the same position on the death of Georges Pompidou, from April 2nd to May 27th, 1974. In 1973… M. Poher was President of the French Senate. As far as we know, M. Poher never commented, one way or the other, on his alleged connections with the Prieure de Sion and/or the Merovingian bloodline. (3)

As early as 1966 the French author, Saint-Loup, noted the birth of a new mass-movement in Europe. It has not yet spread to North America. Some people had begun to put together what they considered to be the truth about human history. They became ‘Cathars’ and began to make pilgrimages to the monuments of the great struggle, Camelot and Montsegur.”

My given names Robert Bruce are in honour of our supposed connections with the Douglas clan and Robert de Bruges or the Scottish King Robert the Bruce. The grandfather of ‘Prince’ Henry Sinclair is reported by Bradley to have fought and died beside Sir James Douglas while attempting to bury the silver casket with the heart of Robert the Bruce in the Holy Land. This bloodline of Jesus is not the ‘terrible secret’ of Saunière, that kind of history is not earth-shaking enough to make all these people do the things they have done. We will present much more of them and reasons or possibilities before we present the answer that we think fits the facts – ALL or at least many of the facts. It will not be ‘terrible’ but it is earth-shaking and in line with what Napoleon saw when he sat alone in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. He had been told by the genealogists of the Masons that Josephine Beauharnais was a true Merovingian carrier of the blood of Jesus. He was probably directed or encouraged to marry her (a Creole from the Indies) as well as to go to Egypt and begin the uncovering of the secrets in the Pyramid.

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