Operation Iraqi Freedom, Soldiers and Their Psyche

Have you noticed that the when the service men who have been killed in action in this war, that the journalists go harass the families and girlfriends or wives of the fallen soldiers? During these interviews I could not help but notice that the infantry warriors killed had girlfriends or wives who were full figured ethnic woman or young ladies. The inner city kind with the tough attitude; Why is this? I have several ideas why. Here they are: First one is that military bases are in areas that are usually tough neighborhoods, they are near logistical locations with railroad tracks and lots of noise from the base thus richer people do not live near by creating an ethnic type area of population diversity. Notice in any city there is a MLK Blvd. Always near the railroad tracks and is either connected to runs through an industrial area. Near Military bases are always industrial areas for civilian contractors who service the bases needs. Also logistics such as commissary needs, trucking, heavy industrial needs, etc. All this means that the nearest entertainment and release for the soldiers will be right off base nearby and in a rough neighborhood. Thus any person that the warrior meet would be one tough enough to hold her own in the rough neighborhood, such as a sassy full figured women who is local or travels to meet the young studs.

The warrior needs a squeeze nearby and therefore picks up on these nearby women sources. The second reason I have theorized is that these women can handle them selves next to a testosterone driven warrior mindset who has been embedded with feelings of superiority in fighting and team spirit. That would be a lot to handle for a small petit innocent type woman. So it takes a tough woman to love a tough man.

Third theory and perhaps a combination of all of the former is that the young studs might break a small inferior sized women, during extracurricular activities. Why is this important? It is not really yet it explains why these ethnic inner city young women are buying muscle cars or today’s version of one. They are buying Camero Z-28s, Pontiac Firebirds, Mustang 5.0s. We have also seen that they are putting on fender flair packages and paying for expensive detailing to allow themselves to secure the men in uniform, to impress them. It appears that this is a two-way win-win for both parties. The men need women when they are stressed and need to maintain the macho mystique to prove self worth. They cannot be seen with a woman who is not an envy or trophy to fellow warriors. They are also looking for a woman who can handle their raw emotions during that time period and can respect them and encourage them to be tough and brave.

The women need a companion and like strong rough tough men. Thus we are also seeing the men buy cars that are tough. In areas near military bases car dealerships are selling lots of cars to both sides of this equation and therefore with the increased flow into the pockets of our military Keynesian economics are working for us with the money trickling down to the car dealerships outside bases and into their pockets and of course they need us to satisfy these two groups of their customer base. Who else wins in this? Well, other after market auto accessory companies who sell things like stereos, window tinting, etc. As more money gets spent at these bases you will find more opportunity near them. Many military bases are in or around large metropolitan areas for logistics reasons and recruitment. Some are so far out of the way it makes you wonder why anyone would ever join the military and move to a desert.

Either way certain companies selling certain products and services will do extremely well near a military base, for the next two to six years, based on the direction and current plan of this administration. Slice of life examples are a key to delivering what your customer desires. If you are in any business and you fail to adapt and modify your current market mix to the prevailing desires of your consumers, then you do not deserve them at all. If you fail to understand the reasons your customers want what they do, then you cannot serve them properly and someone else eventually will.

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