The Mother of All Political Battles Has Begun!

News is spreading of the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, setting up a political battle the likes never before seen. This is the first of what could be several openings in the not too distant future.

If you think you’ve seen crazy political rhetoric before, you ain’t seen nothin yet! This will prove to be the political equivalent of a steel cage match. Believe me, it’s on! The smokescreens and scare tactics will be flying. You are about to see a meltdown by the liberals in Washington of historical proportion. It will be entertaining but also frightening as well. The coming weeks will be very interesting indeed.

With some of the contradictory and perhaps unconstitutional decisions made in recent years, the importance of these appointments cannot be overstated. We are about to see what President Bush is made of. Will he stand firm and take the heat as he has in the war on terror or will he try to make everyone happy?

If the Consititution is to survive the coming assaults, he must make the right decisions. The greatness of his Presidency is on the line. Even more importantly, the future of our Country hangs in the balance.

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