How to Tell When Government Regulators are Shopping You

In this day and age of tattletale, whistleblower heroes and homosexual bureaucrats with an axe to grind, we often find government regulators calling up business people to try to entrap them. As a matter of fact one worthless agency called the FTC ? Federal Trade Commission will often call up Biz Op companies and attempt to get them to say something they shouldn’t. Usually it is obvious as they straight away ask questions that no buyer would ever in a million years ask in the first three sentences. Why do they do this? They do it because they have so many honest business people to call and so few crooks they need to quickly find the bad ones so they can score another point for the agency. What they end up doing is picking a fight with you when you do not say anything, which will get you in trouble then quickly dial the next number. This is utter BS and over regulation. Who do they get to do such petty, vindictive things; after all who would want a job like that? Well easy they find men who think they are women; vindictive and petty homosexual men? Have you ever sat in a coffee shop and listened or rather over heard a homosexual male with a lisp talk about his boyfriend; how about as you waited to get a haircut? Oh my God, they go on and on and loud, they are so loud. As if you want to hear these details. You know how women talk, but these guys, oh wow, they can go on for hours in a screechy voice.

How do you get them to stop harassing you? You can’t, the government has unlimited money to hire these people and the human resource folks in these agencies know if they do not hire them, they could lose their job. Washington D.C. is over run with homosexual males. Whereas the population in the US is under 2% homosexual in Washington D.C. the numbers are staggering and they all work in, for our around the government. Call the CIA for kicks, the person who answers the phone is as queer as you ever saw and makes no bones about making sure you know it. But the CIA is only one agency, try any of them or any lobbying firm on K-Street, any Senatorial Staffer, Oh La La, staffer you like that word don’t you? Indeed it is that bad, no joke. Wake up America or bend over and take what is coming.

How do you get on a list to be harassed? Well all you have to do is be really good at what you do and some competitor will call up and complain and now you are on the list? I estimate that agencies like the FTC spends up to $25 million dollars a year in these petty games and bogus lawsuits they file on small businesses? Who wins? Not the consumer, the Consumer or citizen is the one paying. It is hilarious how bad it has become and how no one will do anything about these issues. Well, I am saying it. Not because I am a whistleblower, as there are plenty of government workers in D.C. willing and able to blow your whistle. I am saying it because it is the truth. Think about it, I am getting sick.

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