Arbitrageous Outrageous and Immoral

Back-Dooring the CSIS:

The US and Israel have admitted they back-doored Canada’s top secret computer for about eight years. They did not admit it until they were discovered so we can imagine they are still doing this kind of thing. If our friends do this to each other what does that say for what kind of lies they might perpetrate on so-called enemies. I know, we have lots of evidence about how immoral and deceitful they can be. This happened during the North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations and the floating of the Canadian dollar and actions promised to maintain currency was part of the outcome. Mexico saw an immediate devaluation of their currency and the workers went on strike but the army was called out to force them to work at half pay. I have known people who trade currencies in large amounts. Alan Greenspan (As head of the FED) has said arbitrageurs make huge illegal profits but there really is little legislation and enforcement in these insider deals. He once bailed out a Connecticut hedge fund that was showing a huge loss. Then there were those futures sold or bought around 9-11. Could that be the reason for the Mossad agents who were found cheering as the towers went down?

The whole thing is reminiscent of Old Joe Kennedy and his stock rumour mill while having nothing at risk on the day the market crashed. Maybe this is even bigger stuff than that. Perhaps I should liken it to the deal Nathan Rothschild made to take over the British Treasury as news of the Battle of Waterloo’s outcome was withheld by the King so that this could happen. One thing for sure, the elite have done these things for a long time and somehow the situation doesn’t seem to change. The fox gets control of the henhouse when Old Joe got to be the head of the SEC and the Rothschilds went on to create the FED and then end the Bretton Woods Agreement to form the IMF. Surely someone other than John Ralston Saul (Kings College Doctor of Economics) has noticed the fact that these things are even more important than the wars of the 20th Century but I have found few people really care as long as they continue to believe what the media shills feed them for their nightly news.

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