Justice Department Losing the War on Street Gangs

The Justice Department is at it again; promoting themselves in the mass media attempting to convince us we are safe. This time they are grandstanding a few arrests of alleged gang members. MS-13 is recruiting over 300 people per week in cities across the United States. Recently the Justice Department held a huge press conference, claiming that in a two-week period they arrested 582 people. Now then if the MS-13 gang is recruiting 300 people per week and the caught 582 in two-weeks then they are 18 gang members in the rear for that two-week period alone. Most of the offenders, gang members were said to be picked up between July 16 and July 28, other arrests followed after search and seizures of evidence was taken. Do not get me wrong it is great to catch these drug sellers, thieves and felons, but at a growth rate of 300 per week and an estimated 10,000 members and growing MS-13 is hardly under control; it more resembles a wildfire nearing its maturity.

Homeland Security said that most of these gang members picked up were done so on immigration violations and 76 faced criminal charges. Those who were picked up on illegal immigration issues will be deported and then return within a couple of days. So in fact they only captured 76 gang members that they will prosecute for fraudulent documents, drugs and weapons charges. At this rate they will never even make a dent on the MS-13 groups. Investigators collaborated and arrested members in 27 states, which means a little less than 3 criminal charges for each state? One might have to ask; “So, why the big press release by the Justice Department?” After all isn’t that their job; catching 3 gang members in each of 2 states is piss poor performance; all that so they can have a press release and alert 14,500 media outlets and get on our nightly TV sets? Three gang members per state; what, come again, this is enforcement? No, this is a fraud, the government has failed to protect our borders and now catches some illegal aliens to deport in our cities and 3 gang members will go to prison or jail and then probably be deported? Meanwhile you and I, the taxpayer, are to pay for this? When they should not have let them into the country in the first place?

MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha, is only one gang. There are also gangs, which are syndicated or franchised so to speak called the Surenos; the 18th Street Gang; Latin Kings; the Mexican Mafia; Border Brothers; Brown Pride and numerous others. Homeland security claims that they did a joint effort in many cities for these 582 arrests and claim that this huge crack down is part of the ICE’s ongoing “Operation Community Shield.” Yet so far to date the ICE has made only 1057 arrests. As MS-13 gangs grow they will soon reach such a huge critical mass that they will be growing faster than we can arrest them or pay to have them housed in jail. In Arizona one-third of all arrestees are illegal aliens and 30% of all prison inmates are illegal aliens.

Such piss poor performance is unacceptable. “Operation Community Shield” my ass, it is obvious that these public relations events to increase their next years budgets are more important than the actual mission of solving the gang problems in our nations. And those problems start at our borders. Wake up America, today we have gangs, tomorrow insurgents and all the while we are told to shut up, don’t make waves and the government will protect you. Ah, bullshit. Think on it. Oh yah, thanks for lisening?

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