World Power Brokers Readying for WWIII

Einstein when ask how did he believe WWIII would be fought said that he didn’t know, but replied; “WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones!” A scary notion indeed; bet we all hope he is wrong about that. Yet as we look at the World today and the differences, which separate our world and divide us as one unique species on the surface of this pale blue dot, one has to see the logic of Einstein’s prediction.

Then there are the conspiracy theorists, who claim to hold the truth taking their ideas from the book of revelation, Nostradamos and from recent history of the Cold War; they believe that the powers to be are out to get them. If you look at the recent periods we see that the money elite and industrialists continued throughout the war. Hedging their bets on both sides, wouldn’t you, if you had that much investment at stake? Many of the Industrialists sold to both sides those things they needed during the build up and later into the war. Mankind in his ambitious endeavors, always buys into the sound and fury, generally picks sides or allows the process to continue thru inaction, which as we know is indeed a choice in itself.

A war with China today does not make much sense, as we are both trading partners, yet as the trade wars continue, there will be flare-ups. Indeed in a decade or more, we may not have come together on issues of level playing fields or ideals of civilization government structures. Yet, Einstein also warns us you cannot simultaneously prepare and prevent war. Currently China is building up their military, yet they have no enemies. Europe will not attack them. Russia is selling them new Migs. The United States, well we are their life line and largest trading partner, hell we are funding their build up. China is not producing on a level playing field, as they are in need of power plants, treatment plants, water pipelines and roads. Not to mention flood control, better healthcare and education. But rather than work on these most important flows of their civilization they are preparing for war. Even the Boeing Jets they are buying they are asking for options, which can be used for AWACS type aircraft or even high-energy airborne lasers. It should be obvious that they are strategically planning to defend and attack. But from who? They have states they want Taiwan and as with Hitler it always starts with one country right? Appeasement thru superior force, using a page out of Carl von Clauswitz’s “On War” with a touch of Sun Tzu. History tells us not to be surprised when the hatchet falls. As we become more upside down in trade deficit, can we afford to sell ourselves to the next super power, after all China will in fact get there, as they pierce thru their industrial revolution at full stride, while they carry train loads of dollars to towards their 1000-year plan. If you were an international non-American entrepreneurial industrialist, wouldn’t you hedge your bet? Of course you would and they are. So, with this known, lets serious consider winning and strategize for future periods to come. Think on this.

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