Between Hiroshima Japan 6 August and the NY 11 September!

Japan lit its candles of pure, “noble sadness” on the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The mayor of the late city, Iccho Itoh, criticized the USA for dropping the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 and following that after 3 days by the second atomic bomb which attacked Nagasaki.

The two bombs harvested the lives of more than 242,437 people to end the Second World War by the surrender of Japan.

Iccho Itoh, urged the United States to stop the recent new nuclear policy and made an angry appeal for a global ban on nuclear weapons.

He made gestures towards the International peace by asking if the United States security has enhanced by maintaining 10,000 nuclear weapons, and carrying out repeated sub-critical nuclear tests and pursuing the development of new mini-nuclear weapons!

I thought what he tries to convey, is a deep part of the “Bushing” new administration policy, to force out the “New American Time”. This new American time plays the first role in the “New World Order” after the break-down of the Socialist System and the Eastern Block.

The deep sorrow and sadness of the American people which we share in other parts of this World, in regards to the September 11th horror, plays a mobilized factor to determine the future of peace on this Earth nowadays.

That’s what makes the mayor of Nagasaki’s words about the 9-11 attacks more understandable when he said and aimed particularly at Washington: “We understand your anger and anxiety over the memories of the horror of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.”

But this result leaves an urgent question in the collective memory of those who do love peace: Is Bush’s Second Term! A Chance for More Wars or A Stable Peace?

If the sour feelings of the invasion of Iraq is still sour, then the answer will never come to be predictably “optimistic”!

Not the political powers, but the people who should really stop the crisis.

Khalid Osman is a teacher, a journalist, and a webmaster athttp://www.child-book-publishing-ezine.com and http://www.child-book-publishing-ezine.com

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