Adolph Hitler


The common perception of Hitler being large and in charge is not likely the case. He certainly was ‘handled’ or beholding to many others including psychiatrists, esotericists and industrialists. I heartily recommend that people should read The Mind of Adolph Hitler: The Secret Wartime Report to see that Hitler was a Jew living in Vienna where his ancestor of the Rothschild family left his father and all those in his generation a legacy. Here is a little insight derived from the work of Rauchning.

“According to Marxists the capitalist supporters of Hitler – Hugenberg, the Bechsteins, et al – labelled the Nazis (as Fascists) as being capitalists by proxy. They even described Nazi state as an ‘… open terrorist dictatorship….’ (bit harsh). According to the work of Dutt (1934), Hitler was controlled by industrialists and so therefore was a weak leader. Hitler may have been the national focus but in reality he was being manipulated – a pawn of the wealthy classes. Frankel (1942) goes further by arguing that the Nazi state was far from fluid and was (in deed) a dual state mixed between the interests of the business economy (the calculable and ordered society) and the arbitrary chaos (the effectively lawless exploitation of the labouring classes).

In summary, the fact that capitalists, industrialist and financiers could weaken Hitler’s power presents an image far from the unified hierarchy of the Nazi self-image. Dual state or not, Hitler’s impression is one of a compromised leader.

The work of Rauchning (1930s) is also intriguing to order understanding of the nature and layout of the Nazi regime. As a Nazi, we can be sceptical of his intentions at revealing many of the inner-workings of the state but he also questions the security and solidity of the hierarchies the Nazis were so happy to present. He disputes Hitler’s all powerful position in arguing that Hitler would side with the Gaulieters by already knowing their majority position. Additionally he suggests that Nazism was moribund as doctrine, barren of philosophy and based on pure opportunist politics.

In summary, Rauchning presents a convincing case that Hitler was not powerful at all, the state had no clear ideology and the state was in continuous flux between change and revolution.” (4)

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