The Dragons

I hope to provide a starting point for the serious scholar interested in the all important Chanes of Central America and convince researchers to look into the Egyptian dragons (crocodiles) and Chinese as well. I suspect the Li or Lee family of Merovingians has some connection to the Nestorian and Basilian types long before the Kuomintang which Andre Malraux knew was a high level Masonic structure. It is most important to look at the work of alien reptoid or Elohim promoters of all stripe and color. Sir Laurence Gardner is right alongside the Mormons and other Masonic Medusas or Gorgon types.

The end of the de Médicis influence and the rise of Illuminism and the founding of America might be pure coincidence. However the date of the founding of Weishaupt’s Illuminati does coincide with two world powers quite separated by time. Could he have had access to a time-viewing ‘Stone’? May 1, 1776 is the same year the U.S.A. was started and we know Russia celebrated May Day on the first of May as their major national festival even though there is no specified reason for that. The financing of Russia and both sides of all wars has been gone into by Professor Quigley who worked for the Council on Foreign Relations and/or the Tri-Lateral Commission. Many authors are making connections with court documents and lots of great evidence. I heartily recommend Rule By Secrecy and hope people will check out Icke’s the truth shall set you free even though he has gone on to a semi-hallucinatory evaluation of the Skull & Bones that they have probably used to discredit him. If you wish to go further and see the nature of the horror Icke really is onto in that regard you should get it from the ‘horse’s mouth’. The ‘horse’s mouth’ is these books by HRH Nicholas de Vere and Laurence Gardner (Genesis of the Grail Kings); you might think the horse is talking through another orifice. De Vere actually is proud of the blood sports Count Dracul or Vlad the Impaler employed. You might think a person who has written about exorcisms and the ‘Stone’ wouldn’t blanche at any occult thing – but I really am shocked by what they say.

When the Kelts colonized Memphis with Isis they had no beloved cranes to share nature with. Manetho tells us this was around 36,000 BC and deep mines have been found dating back 35,000 years in Egypt recently. There were many ibises to take the place of the larger crane for those who wished to worship the things that are represented in the Language of the Birds (BRD = Baird, Bard and my family name) or Ogham in its runic and divinatory form. At the Temple of Onias in Egypt an Israeli worship system of the Moses tradition has been excavated with hundreds of thousands of mummified ibis-sacrifices. The next quote gives insight to the letter ‘J’ that was not part of many alphabets and why Iesa (the Brotherhood of Man concept) became Jesus or Zeus in other tongues. It also has ‘An’ for the Anunnaki alien reptoid lovers. ‘An’ is also in D’anu or Dana and the Danube culture where the Kelts began according to genetics and Gimbutas. As to the Ur people thinking these were reptoids who helped teach them and make their civilization grow ? I think it was Druidic or shamanic knowledge of shape-shifting and the mind fogging technique of sorcery that caused them to see the Chanes or Dragons.

You can say shape shifting is mere hallucination or mind-fogging when practiced by magicians. I cannot prove otherwise and I suspect you would be right. There are many legends and other reasons why I keep an open mind about the matter. I am sure the spirit or mind’s eye of an adept can travel with the raven and probably many other familiars, but I won’t bore you with many of the personal experiences of my life that make this likely. David Icke is an author of many books including the truth shall set you free. After exposing some things about the ‘illuminized’ Skull & Bones people like the Bush Presidents and other top Yalies, he was stupid enough (or should I say naïve) to report that he saw things like shape-shifting and describes the ‘Obscene Ritual’. I do not know for sure that the Rosicrucian and other Dragons can shape shift. I do know I challenged one of the Elders in charge of many feeder covens for them, from Wicca. He was a gifted Dragon and other Dragons said so. I told him I would stand inside the pentagram or magic circle at his leisure and even if the Dragons appeared before me I would show ‘No Fear’; because I was sure they would only be projections and mind-fogging. He chose another method of psychic warfare. He and his gay boyfriend, who had designs on me and my leather pants, were burned out of house and home, as I reversed the energy they sent with bad intent. The ‘Obscene Ritual’ is something I can prove is true from the words of Dragons in books like Genesis of the Grail Kings.

This quote also mentions Columcille who was the recipient of re-structured and watered down Druidic knowledge. He became immersed and adept enough in this knowledge to beat a pagan Druid of Scotland in the art of wind and rain management. That so-called Druid was a denizen of the forests living away from those who Rome might pay for delivering them his head. Columcille as Columba was the arch-Druid who protected bards he had learned these arts from; that was in 574-5 AD at the Synod or Council of Drumceatt, as the Dark Ages were about to become darker when the next century saw the Synod of Whitby formalize the seizure of Celtic Christian assets at this deal between Rome and a Northumbrian king/murderer. Later he was made a Saint of the Christian Church that was saying ‘Jesus is the new Druid’. Of course they were the interpreters for Jesus and it served them well to usurp his good name.

“Iona is known in Gaelic as Hi, Y or I, and has also been called the Isle of Dreams or Isle of Druids. It is made up of the oldest exposed rock strata of the earth, and it is obviously one of the ancient sacred centres. The name has been likened to the temple ‘Ei’ of the Greek Apollo, {The Greek Islands had a Monastery of Iona even after the Muslims took Jerusalem.} ‘An’ or the Self-Existing-One of the Egyptians and ‘Yah’, the ‘I am that I am’ of the Hebrews. The sacred cranes of Apollo, the heralds of spring, were certainly special to Columcille. He had a young monk stand on the shore waiting for the first exhausted bird to arrive, and he promised dire {‘Dire’ was the term for specified fines or amounts in cumals from the Senchus Mor in time before St. Patrick personally burned 150 hand drawn books; and then we have some glosses showing how he or others re-worked edited and censored these ancient canae.} penalties if the youth did not take special care before sending it off. The story of the saint copying out a famous manuscript, while the crane pecked out the eye of the king’s son who was peeping through a hole in the door at the light inside, is a curious intermingling with the crane legend of Thoth or Hermes, or with that of Manannán Mac Lir, whose bag, in which he carries the treasures of the world, is made from the skin of a crane. Three of these sacred birds guarded Manannán’s home, the Isle of Man, croaking out to passing travelers: ‘Do not enter/Keep away/Pass by.’ The accounts of Columcille’s encounters with the Pictish Druids and the monster of the loch, of bringing young men back to life, and other associations with Mercury {Alchemy or Cathar Occamy and the language thereof = Langue d’Oc.} as healer, are unsatisfying and inconclusive in many ways.

The only occasion when Columcille is said to have returned to Ireland was for the Synod of Drumceatt, held in AD 574, to defend the bards who were about to be expelled as trouble-makers. He spoke on behalf of twelve hundred of them, which suggests that he was the chief Druid?” (3)

Imagine that! SAINT Columba, the venerated Church leader is a Druid! Just as Thomas Paine says Masonry is derived from the Druids. He was a member of the top Rosicrucian American Council of Three along with Ben Franklin. Thus we have Iona to Templar/Sion to Alumbrados/Illuminati and thence the Round Table/Bilderbergs or some new name they are using. And Iona is the likely place for many Hibernians as well as having taught other Orders in the Church such as Cistercians and Basilians. THEY claim roots back to Thoth/Hermes and Pythagoras and I agree there is a certain amount of knowledge and power that can be traced in these esoteric circles and clubs. However, I do not accept the statements they make about themselves at face value. They are very much different than they would like people to think just because they support kids who suffer burns, or orphans in the De Molay (Last leader of the Templars who was slow-roasted by the King of France.) Society. Rather than discussing Neolithic maybe we are talking about a Monolithic hierarchy of deceivers who make our lives serve their history or should I say, on behalf of women, ‘his’-story.

A friend of mine has recently commented on some information I gave regarding the Patriot Act and certain draftees of it who prepared it before the ‘terrorist’ attacks on the World Trade Center. He asked ‘Have we hit the snooze button too many times?’

When Columbus came to the Americas the first time, with his ship stores or holds full of trinkets he had a person who spoke no Asiatic language as his interpreter. His interpreter spoke a Phoenician language called Hebrew. We have been told he wanted to make a shorter route to China to meet the Khan and trade could thus be established and yet they were already trading with China and had never stopped doing so. They knew the Chinese had no use for these trinkets. He actually was interested in meeting a ‘Can’ or ‘Chan’ of the ancient Chanes who boarded their skull to look like serpents that their name is derived from. Here is a travel site with a little reference to the Chan of that era in a place I am well familiar with.

“Chichen Itza is the most visited archeological site, due to its extraordinary architectural beauty and its geographical location. It was founded in 1514 by the priest Lakin Chan who was also called Itzamna. This is why the people were called Chanes or Itzaes. You’ll spend time in a place where time has stood still.” (4)

It would also appear they may have been part of the Poverty Point group which reported to or was part of the site near Cuba that was at the mouth of the Mississippi before the Carolina Bays Meteor struck Bimini and the US Eastern seaboard. I will have to continue study and research to see if the Texas culture that produced the stone heads dated to around 30,000 years ago are in some way connected. Here is a little interesting comment I saw as I tried to find anything on the web about them. I find it is also a Hebrew word and Jewish last name of a scholar named Jerome. Roy Decker writes about Bimini being well known to the Carthaginians (5) and it seems Tarshish or Tartessus had once been the primary overlord or trader to this once great culture. But that is likely long after much of it had been destroyed by the Carolina Bays Meteor.

“The area known as Kimble County {In Texas} was inhabited by Jumano and Apache Indians when Spanish explorers traveled here in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Comanche tribes were living here by the mid-nineteenth century. One of the earliest tribes was the Chanes, who later evolved into the Tonkawas.” (6)

It is well known that Central American practices and artifacts are in Poverty Point. This includes people boarding heads too. We must take another look into why they believed this would make them more spiritual and alien to other earth people. But it may be impossible to ever know for certain if they were a homogenous racial group rather than the elite of the Atlantean/Mu Brotherhood which included many races. This is my personal inclination. Chichen Itza by the very name suggests this. The word ‘chi’ or mouth in the native language is derived or the same as that which we know from Eastern thought meaning or having to do with ‘breath’. ‘Chen’ means ‘well’ and that could indicate to know how to breathe as the Buddhists who came there and the concept Maya therefrom (actually from the originators of Buddhism in the Tarim Basin who moved to Barabudur, Indonesia and many other places they were already important parts of for a long time). I dealt with this from the work of Professor James Scherz and others in my book The Prehistoric Worldwide Import of the Great Lakes.

But it occurs to me that the Tarim Basin Red-Heads whose mummies delivered from their desert resting place show a great deal; would have valued the ‘well’ a great deal and I know it became a central spiritual focal point for the Druids and Kelts of many other places. The original builders of Chichen Itza are now thought to be a jaguar cult associated with Kukulcan. Here is another travel type of site with a little description of the pyramid itself. It is true that the current pyramid is built over top of the original pyramid and you can see down to the original from the little room or altar place at the top. The most important thing in this quote is about the serpent which appears at important astrological events. No one can say if that was true when the original pyramid was built. This serpent motif is also found in the tomb of the Prince of Palenque who was a white man and Dragon of the Rosicrucian or vampire god Zotz which I will eschew covering again in this book.

“The Pyramid of Kukulcan (also known as The Castle) where both theology and astronomy, combine to produce a unique spectacle twice a year, the Spring Equinox and the Autumn Solstice, days when the shadows projected over the architectonic elements of the building resemble a serpent descending to the ground. Inside the pyramid are located the famous Chac Mool sculpture and the Jaguar Throne.” (7)

There is also a probable connection of Eastern thought in the name ‘serpent’ therefrom which is ‘Naga’. You will hear Masons talk about Naga too. But the Toltec ‘Nagual’ or sorcerer of Mexico like Don Juan is almost certainly a root of the knowledge we will have to understand as we approach the most important ‘blessing’ or curse of my life. Here are a few words from an interesting source for you to contemplate these words and how the Dragons get around.

“The word Naga is rooted in Sanskrit and means “Serpent”. In the East Indian pantheon it is connected with the Serpent Spirit and the Dragon Spirit. It has an equivalency to the Burmese Nats, or god-serpents. In the Esoteric Tradition it is synonymous for Adepts, or Initiates. In India and Egypt, and even in Central and South America, the Naga stands for one who is wise.

Nagarjuna of India, for example, is shown with an aura, or halo, of seven serpents which is an indication of a very high degree of Initiation. The symbolism of the seven serpents, usually cobras, are also on Masonic aprons of certain systems in the Buddhistic ruins of Cambodia (Ankhor) and Ceylon. The great temple-builders of the famous Ankhor Wat were considered to be the semi-divine Khmers. The avenue leading to the Temple is lined with the seven-headed Naga. And even in Mexico, we find the “Naga” which becomes “Nagal.” In China, the Naga is given the form of the Dragon and has a direct association with the Emperor and is known as the “Son of Heaven”…while in Egypt the same association is termed “King-Initiate”. The Chinese are even said to have originated with the Serpent demi-gods and even to speak their language, Naga-Krita. For a place that has no serpents, Tibet, they are still known in a symbolic sense and are called “Lu!” (Naga). Nagarjuna called in Tibetan, Lu-trub.

In the Western traditions we find the same ubiquity for the Naga, or Serpent. One simple example is the Ancient Greek Goddess, Athena. She is known as a warrior Goddess as well as the Goddess of Wisdom; her symbol being the Serpent as displayed on her personal shield. Of course, in Genesis the Serpent is a Naga who instructs the new infant (humanity) in what is called the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Christian church has, unfortunately transformed the Initiate-Teacher into a tempting and negative demon-character. An apocryphal tradition says that Apollonius of Tyana, {Thought to be the person and alchemist upon whom Jesus and his myth is based, by some who have written whole books on the subject. I prefer the amalgam of legend approach to Jesus or Yeshua.} while on a visit to India, was taught by the “Nagas” of Kashmir. (See The Life of Apollonius, by Philostratos.) It is felt by many scholars of the Western Tradition that the life of Apollonius was taken from the New Testament, or that the narratives of the New Testament have been taken from the life of Apollonius. This is felt because of the undisputed and clear similarities of construction for that particular narrative.

Naga is one of a handful of rare words surviving the loss of the first universal language. In Buddhism, Wisdom has always been ties, symbolically, to the figure of the Serpent. In the Western Tradition it can be found as used by the Christ in the Gospel of Saint Matthew (x.16), “Be ye therefore as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (8)

The dove symbol associated with Jesus and the Cathars or the likes of Columbus who sought to be called by that name-‘colon’ is dove-has a lot of meaning as well.

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