Look! America Take a Look!

I heard on the news this week how America continues to battle to bring democracy in Iraq. The people of Iraq really don’t seem to want a free country governed by their own people. Hmm, why don’t the Iraqis want the precious gift of democracy? Well, I request all Americans to take a good look at our own democracy and then maybe we can understand what all the fighting is about, okay.

Just imagine how we must look to the rest of the world. When our soldiers came home from Vietnam we called them baby killers; yet we turn around and kill babies still in the womb in the name of “choice.”

How we must look to the rest of the world?

Americans say we are free to worship God anywhere in our country, but the Supreme Court says not in our schools.

How we must look to the rest of the world?

Americans say “we the people” run the U.S. government, yet we let our representatives govern us.

How we must look to the rest of the world?.

Americans say we love this country, but if the price is right we do all we can to sell it to another country.

How we must look to the rest of the world?

Americans pay more taxes for better service, but the more we pay the worse the service. We say in God we trust on our money, yet America as a nation doesn’t even know his Son.

How we must look to the rest of the world?

The main question is how we must look to ourselves? Please take a LOOK!!!

Now out of all of this confusion, I still believe that united we stand and divided shall we fall.

If the idea of American democracy doesn’t appeal to the people of Iraq, then please understand their fight is against our democracy-not our American Troops.

Peace Out!

Diane Williams, also known as Mrs. Fox is a unique character based from Nevada York’s novels, Caught Up and Mahogany’s Revelations. [ http://nevadayork.com ] She is an old soul at heart, who loves to tell it like it is! She firmly believes the real war on Earth is a spiritual war: Good vs. Evil. Diane’s goal is to make sure that every person is aware that ones spirituality needs must out-weigh one’s physical and mental desires. She currently resides in Idaho where she strives to “keep it real.” http://nevadayork.com

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