Liberalism ? A Mark Too Low A Price Too High

After the dance the piper must be paid. To help us calculate the cost of paying the piper we will borrow from the math of physics. In the laws of physics there resides an immutable principle whose exact formulations I do not know, but even a novice like me can know how it works. If you throw logs on a flame (cause), a roaring fire is what you get. (Effect) I know it probably seems too dumb, bothering to explain something so simple. But I for one believe it is the ability to see this that most people have as an ordinary function of the brain that liberals may have been born without. To most of us it is what we call common sense. It is what teenagers seem to lose for a while and what liberals seem to have lost forever, if they ever had it.

The things mentioned in the following list may not be occurring as a direct result of some liberal bill passed in the legislature. But in every case it is a concomitant to some liberal bill, attitude, concession or notion. Let’s do some cause and effect viewing.

Cause: Roe V. Wade the landmark ruling that brought in the abortion practices that exist today.

Effect: The slaughter of upwards of 450 million babies. Notice I didn’t use the word “fetus.” I won’t dignify abortions by hiding them behind a scientific word that is supposed to make it less than murder. My brother asked me a few years ago what I thought the most dangerous place in this country would be. I pondered his question for a while. I thought of cities like Detroit or New Orleans where the murder rate is high. I cannot remember exactly what answer I finally gave him, but I will never forget the answer he finally gave me. He said?the most dangerous place to be in this country right now is a mother’s womb.

Cause: Removal of prayers in the public school system.

Effect: It is now easier for a child to get guns, knives and drugs into a school; than a prayer. The metal detectors, police, sniffing dogs, arrests, expulsions and stiffer punishments may be suppressing this malady to some degree but the real question is, why for the first time in history do children want to bring these things to school. Let’s not let them look to a higher power on the school grounds but watch as they suffer the consequences of being left to lower powers and compunctions. Maybe we should send school kids to give testimony before congress to explain their feelings about these things. The 9/11 commission would not have any more to say about terror than any of our school children who after events like the Columbine Massacre could write the definition for terror. They undoubtedly would start their address to congress with a familiar expression of youth, heard everywhere in our country today. Although I have several degrees from institutions of higher learning I don’t think I could find a more eloquent expression than the one our kids would use?Duh!

Cause: The preoccupation with and the exploitation of sex in Hollywood, TV and the media in general.

Effect: A rise in sexually transmitted diseases now down to the primary school level.Millions of un-planned pregnancies resulting in abortion or life shattering consequences that children should never have to face, are prevalent countrywide. The hypocrisy of the stars and celebrities is a mockery that no one ever seems to call them out for. Celebrities regularly spew out the language and behavior of free and open sex in movies, sitcoms, and magazines, then appear as great benefactors of youth or those diseased with STDs. They host specials, provide free concerts and write big checks to hospitals and research organizations for the treatment of such diseases. They give new definition to the term ?double standard.

Cause: The liberalizing of the media under the guise of the first amendment.

Effect: This is only an article?it would take a book to speak of the effects this farcical notion has produced. In the past few weeks alone, announcements were made about a new channel already up and running in the cable TV industry that is completely devoted to the Gay or Lesbian lifestyle. A new program now in its first run produced by Showtime is called, “Weeds.” It depicts a mother played by actress Mary-Louise Parker, who recently is widowed and sells pot (marijuana, not stove utensils) to supplement her income. In one of the first offerings, Mom not only sells pot to a city councilman but also to a fifteen year old child. She is not arrested or called out by anyone for this, and the show goes on. Americans can now sit with a remote control and wade through from seventy five to two hundred choices provided by satellite or broadband cable companies. I have combed through these channels myself often enough to know that what isn’t geared to the mind of an eight year is pretty much headed toward the toilette. Is this the result of first amendment freedoms? If you really believe that then let me make you the offer I heard in an old country song. Come on out to see the fine ocean front property I’ve got for sale in Arizona.

Cause: A grieving mom who has decided that the sacrifice of her son in Iraq is greater than any other mom’s loss.

Effect: Now a new Jane Fonda type movement is rearing its head complete with seven mouths all speaking, slander, discontent, cowardice, and other morale busting sentiments. I thank God my mother knew when to take her hands off my life enough to let me make my own decisions, and to face the consequences of the same. Haven’t these mistaken moms and their sympathizers been informed that our servicemen are all volunteers? That means no one made them sign up and no one could keep them from doing so?not even mom!

Cause: The ordination of gays in one major protestant denomination, and the call for it in other churches.

Effect: The effect has been no less than devastating. Thousands of Christians are now roaming around to various churches looking for a new spiritual home. With broken hearts for the betrayal in some cases of a lifetime of loyalty, these believers are proof of the ability of liberal policy to touch virtually everyone regardless of race, color or creed. I can remember asking a few gays if they wanted to open their hearts to Christ, repent of their sins and receive him as their savior. But not once did I insist they make me a leader of one of their organizations, groups or clubs. How I wish they might extend the same courtesy to my fellow Christians in any denomination. I promise I would not even think about charging them with discrimination.

The mark for civil discourse, child safety, moral resolve and common decency has been lowered to the point that we may have to come in under the floor to make it through. Extreme, I think not and most Americans don’t either. Yet, whether we like it or not we are all paying the price for this new lower standard, a price like gasoline which is rising faster than we can afford.

Rev Bresciani has written many articles over the past thirty years in such periodicals as Guideposts and Catholic Digest. He is the author of two books available on Amazon.com, Alibris, Barnes and Noble and many other places. Rev Bresciani wrote “Hook Line and Sinker or what has Your Church Been Teaching You,” publisher, PublishAmerica of Baltimore MD. He also wrote a book published by Xulon Press entitled “An American Prophet and His Message, Questions and Answers on the Second Coming of Christ.” His book is now being heralded as the clearest book on the subject of the second coming of Christ since Hal Lindsey’s “Late Great Planet Earth” Rev Bresciani’s website is,


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