Government Workers and Lawyers Revolving Door Rule Needed

We need more oversight and transparency in government. We need to keep our government workers honest and forthright. We need to prevent those who work for the government as lawyers for the government from going into private practice with the same companies they once enforced regulations on. The revolving door fo government lawyers and private practicing lawyers and lobbyists must stop if we are to maintain any real sense of integrity or fairness in our systems. You know, that “Truth, Justice and the American Way” thing that the government lawyers have such a tough time coping with?

Every rule, law and regulation on business must be reciprocated onto government regulatory agencies. This shows them the error of their ways and indeed prevents them from lying, cheating and screwing over the taxpayers and producers of our nation. We must additionally prevent any government lawyer from working more than ten years for the government to keep the government healthy and save taxpayer’s money on pensions to these government lawyers. Government Lawyers upon their tenure with the government must be banned for life from the bar and never allowed to practice law in the private sector. Instead they will need to go into other lines of work. They must be barred from working in any industry in which they worked in as a government lawyer. They must be barred from lobbying of any type. This is fair for all concerned. We need laws in place to stop this abuse of power and criminal activity of government lawyers. If we do not do something fast our entire civilization is at risk of crumbling. Think about it.

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