Rants by Lance: BRAC Committee Talks Irrelevant Completely

It is amazing we have so many men, who belong to the greatest military in the history of mankind, pussy footing around. The politics of BRAC are not in line with the reality of protecting our nation. Additionally the men and generals who are deciding on the things are being too nice to each other and too much ego stroking to make for meaningful debate. I think they are a bunch of pussies and we need some real men to hash this out, who are doing it for our nation, not their friends or fiefdoms. Get real. The CSPAN debates are also stupid as our enemies are watching it too.

Look here is the deal, we need to cut costs, but also we need to look at previous BRAC Closures and how much money was actually saved in the long run. Most of those properties were wholesaled out, had EPA Superfund remediation, which cost often more than the proceeds. It did not cut the budget as much as we think. Furthermore, we are in this current predicament and steep ramp up in military spending after 9-11 due to the cutting off the balls of the military in the previous administration. Had we “lived strong” then Osama Bin Laden would not be a threat; he would have been gone.

The Public Relations and fiefdom protecting by the generals and high ranking military folks is unfriggin becoming of an America who has been sworn in and entrusted to protect all we are and all we have built in this great nation. Every super star business must continually look for incremental efficiencies in their business models and operations to survive in the cut throat and competitive free market place. Indeed our military is even more important, because in the real cut throat world of Nation State sponsoring of international terrorism and emerging new super power, we are not playing for profits, we are playing for keeps. I need y’all to get with the program and think about this.

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