We Are Turning a Corner in Foreign Relations, Thanks GW Bush!

Kudos goes out to the George Walker Bush’s Administration and long-term strategy in the world to take the high road in our foreign relations policy. Today we see relief donations coming in from around the world, why? Well because despite what you read in the newspapers about our Middle East efforts, it shows that we, America, is seen as a country with the right attitude and vision. We have helped people and nations around the world and now, in our time of need we see a reciprocal response.

Over 60 countries are sending us money, sending money to Red Cross, Salvation Army and to our relief efforts. We are having donations from Kabul, Qatar, Kuwait and we are talking some pretty large donations. One half Billion Dollars is coming from Kuwait, which is the largest donation from another country to any US Disaster in the history of our Nation. This is a testament to the fact that when your foreign policy does the right thing for the right reasons that you will find yourself respected by the others who, got rained on too and made it thru. We have Friends, yes in the middle east, thanks to foreign policies of the last three US Presidents and our efforts around this Globe. Think on that for a minute. Qatar is giving 100 million dollars to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts.

Additionally we have donations pouring in from the European Union Nations. The Countries of Britain, Denmark, Estonia, Austria, Belgium, France, Finland, Italy, Slovakia, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Sweden and Spain and have pledged large donations as well. Apparently our foreign policy is bringing the world together.

You have to give kudos also to Condi Rice and her predecessor Colin Powell and the Presidents they served under. Our former Presidents Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton after the Tsunami Disaster also should be thanked. Even China has pledged a beginning donation of 5 million with more to follow as needed. South Korea is sending in 30 million dollars. WOW. North Korea, you thought that they were are enemy, we are working thru these issues diplomatically and they have contacted the Red Cross to see what they can do to help. The President of Venezuela has pledge fuel to the poor. All in all the world is a hell of a lot more united than we have led to believe from the mass world media hit on our nation during the Iraq war. It is unfortunate indeed that it took this Hurricane Disaster to see that the view that America is hated in the world purported by the World Media does not hold water any better than the breached levees in New Orleans.

This is proof that our foreign policy is inline with what must be done in the world to bring us all tighter and more united. For those who criticize the Bush Administration, I say to you; There is your Coalition, now unless you are “with us” and our efforts to help the relief efforts in a positive way then “shut up!” Think on that. My name is Lance Winslow and thanks for listening.

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