Government Franchise Model; taking it virtual

Our government is set up like a modern day franchise. Let me explain: the Federal government is the franchisor run by three sets of committees (board of directors of divisions). States are the master franchisees. Counties are the franchisees and have managers of each store (cities). Where does this leave You and I? Well we are the customers (voters).

The easiest way to do a great job in your business is to cater to the customer, that is us, THE CITIZENS. To cater to a customer you must think like the customer and act like the customer. The easiest way to do that, is to be the customer. Which, in government the best leaders come from the people. Our government is made up of us, we elect ourselves into positions we believe are suited to our abilities by our peers. A government or business which caters to the customer, voter or citizen stands the best chance in succeeding, both short and long term. An example would be this 200+ year experience we call The United States of America. Works real fine, lasts a long time.

Now as we plunge into the reality of the modern digital age, so far we have only seen its possibilities and some really cool and sometimes useful computer tools, its real benefits are only now coming to the consumer. In Business at The Speed of Thought and now many similar books, essays and discussions around the globe we are seeing this virtuality taking place in everything.

In a modern franchise system they leverage these new technologies and advances in IT to streamline the system, cut costs and allow the economies of scale to deliver more to the customer and shareholders. Wouldn’t it be great if we could take the government and make most of it a website or park it in virtual space and alleviate some of the tax payers cost and headaches from bureaucracy? Lets just leave it there. Think about it.

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