Ground Gas Canisters for Land Mines

Land Mines have been one of the most evil left overs of any war. Land mines solve many problems for those holding territory from being over run. They also come in handy to prevent illegal entry to a nation. Unfortunately left over landmines kill thousands per year long after the conflicts have departed. What if we had landmines, which merely shot sleeping potion canisters into the air, putting the would-be victim into long-term hibernation? Then you can still inexpensively secure your borders and go pick up all those who fell asleep trying to illegally cross a border or line of defense, when you found the time?

There are many people working to rid the World of landmines, but as human conflict continues so does the laying of more landmines. We need a solution to get all nations to stop planting these things. Here is another concept. Put hydrogen sulfide gas into the canisters in the proper rations to induce suspended animation in humans. Currently a medical team led by Mark Roth, has discovered that they can induce hibernation at will in mice. We know bears and many mammals can hibernate and humans hold and share those genes? Maybe that is why we are still here after millions of years of evolution and cataclysmic periods?

In any case, but putting the hydrogen sulfide into to the landmines, they worse that can happen is that the landmine goes off, alerts the satellite that it did and someone goes out to pick up the victim in the next few days. No one dies, if it is an evildoer insurgent they are captured, if it is an animal wake it up and send it on its way. If it is a Mexican Illegal Alien fly them to Chile and let them walk back. It is human and smart, save lives and limbs and still allows us to protect our desert camps, operations, installations and borders. Think on it.

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