UK Elections on the Horizon

With elections on the horizon and Blair looking tired and increasingly defensive, just what is likely outcome of the next election? The New Labour adoption of Tory plans and policies has created an almost parallel party in terms of the Conservatives and Labour. Many people are confused and find it hard to tell them apart. The Labour Party will struggle to retain the loyalties of the staunch labour support it has enjoyed over the decades.

The wind of change is in the air. Does this mean that the defeat of labour is a foregone conclusion in the next election? Far from it ? the Labour Party, whilst certainly experiencing a rapid decline in popularity is far from defeated. They are still likely to win the next election – but a week is a long time in politics.

Labour candidates will admit that Blair’s popularity is well down on previous levels prior to the Iraqi war. The recent doubts over the proposed new terror laws allowing suspects to be detained without trial has not helped. The accusations and continued exchanges between Tory and Labour over the NHS have not helped matters, any more than Blair’s attempts to win over the people with his misguided Television fiasco.

The Labour party have acted like true blue Tories in many respects. The very rich have got much richer under Labour. The gap between rich and poor, normally associated with a Tory government is very obvious under New Labour. People have noticed this. Old long term Labour supporters and their loyalty towards the Labour Party is starting to crumble.

Looking back over the last few months it is difficult to see what Labour have managed to get right. The National Education Targets for raising standards in our schools have been all but abandoned as Labour realise that this is neither an election winner or remotely likely of ever being achieved. The Iraqi war continues to be as unpopular as ever and with little chance of any quick fix. Leading up to the next election the bitterness between Tory and Labour leaders is likely to get worse rather than better.

Labour promised a better NHS and an improved education system. After years of Labour, the general perception is that nothing has changed. If anything it has got worse. These are serious issues for the Labour government that will cost them dearly in terms of votes. This election could be a close run thing after all.

So what is wrong with Britain? What are the big issues? Crime is still seen as a big problem in the UK. The NHS is in a mess. In some hospitals the number of nurses from overseas outnumber those from the UK. Our public transport is amongst the most dangerous and expensive in the world, the rich get richer, the minimum wages stay pitifully low and the number of immigrants show no real signs of decreasing in any great numbers. The immigration issue is already a political hot potato which will cost Blair even more votes.

So, who will you vote for when the time comes? If you stay at home then you can’t complain about who wins ? Voting at least gives you that right!

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