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Submiting the Criminals to The ICC!

Everybody concerns about justice in the World should bedelighted because the call to submit the criminals in Sudanto the International Criminal Court(ICC) becomes a realitylast Thrusday in the UN’s corridors!

The UN Security Council voted 11-0 to refer a sealed list of51 people accused of crimes against humanity in the SudaneseDarfurian region to the ICC.

The USA, China, Brazil and Algeria abstained after the lastminute wrangling led by the US to exempt its citizens fromsubmission to the ICC, some media sources said.

Now the suprise at the UN was the abstention of the USA andChina.

Each of those two countries has its own attitudes andinterests towards the sitution in Sudan. The USA has alwaysbeen the sole player in the International Channels to accusethe Sudanese Dictatorial Regime of terrorism.

It launched an air-raids against a terorrist location in thecapital city of Khartoum in 1998, nevertheless the air raidsmissed its targets.

That had happened because of the wrong information the USAreceived about the location of the terrorist factory.

Up to this point, the air raids on Khartoum were not assuccessful as those attacks led by the suspect terroristsagainst the American Ambassies in Nairobi and Dar-a-Salam.

So, what has happened today to encourage the USA to changeits attitudes and be “neutral” at the Security Councilduring the last vote?!!

Seems that the USA did not want the resolution to be aprecedent and to be implemented Internationally so as not totake effects on the interantional American policy not inSudan alone but in Iraq too.

The question is why Buch Administration afraid of suchinvestigations and discovery to crimes committed by any UScitizen in the Darfurian case?

It’s obvious that some of the Darfurian rebels has anAmerican nationalities. But that’s not the strong case,since the question is, is there any “American finger” in anyDarfurian crimes?

This situtaion declares very well that Buch Administrationis not after justice and it’s not up to its human tasks toprotect human rights over seas.

Well, I can see well that during the corridor’s talks, newswas heard that China will use the Veto against anyresolution to submit those dictators to the ICC. But Chinachose to be “neutral” in the last vote.

This Chinese attitude indicates that China has been forcedby the USA to withhold with the Veto. But China played thegame through the American pressures in a manner that willprevent any lose to it’s interests in the Sudanese OilIndustry.

Aha, Money talks too the same way as politics does!

A lot of people in Africa and the Middle East now believethat those International powers do not care about humanrights. Their cry for human rights is only allegations tohide their economical interests.

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