If the Water is Polluted, Ever Wonder What is in it?

I would like to discuss a few issues we have been reading in the mass media about the kinds of stuff in our rivers. Forget about the DDT and all the pesticides from Industry, we need to look at our own lives and in our own mirror. Because when it comes to citizenry, most have no right to complain. Insect repellants and chemicals were found in the water. The kind you spray on bushes around the house and in the house foggers that come in aeresol. This was found in 74% of all the major rivers and of tests in more than 40 states. Fragrances like perfume and cologne found in 27% of rivers. Caffeine? Yep, in 70% of the rivers tested and in very high concentrations compared with other chemicals. How does this get in?

Coffee Grounds in the flower bed. Wasted coffee pot coffee poured into the sink, and unfiltered in sewer treatment plant since it’s weight is similar to that of water. And obviously nevr thoguht of as a big issue. Think of all the fish swimming late? Hyper fish, might be harder to catch? So folks, we need to look at our actions as citizens beofre condeming good businesses who work extremely hard to follow both the letter and concept of the law.

I have seen people throw cigarrettes while driving through the desert onto the highway in fire problematic areas in the middle of July. I have seen kids throw trash on the road from the sidewalk in broad daylight and no one even say anything. I have seen people dump soapy buckets of car wash water in the gutter, instead of tossing it on the lawn. I have seen center dividers with grass in the middle over fertilized by city governments and the water run all night over watering and washing it into the gutter. Before we condemn businesses, let us look at what we citizens are doing?

If we love this country and wish to have the law enforced upon every business then surely we as citizens can take on the responsibility to not throw trash out the window and to walk the walk. We cannot allow hypocritic attitudes to permeate the whole of society. Because if no one cares anymore, we have nothing. Next time you want to pollute, think about how valuable the water supply is, how important it is for the city to look and exactly why it is you expect people to spend their tourism dollars in your town. Dirty towns do not draw in tourists. Do not ask what the government will do to clean up the world, ask your self.

I hope everyone takes this article personally. My company does our part as do most companies, yet I do not see the same being done by the people making the most noise. Mr. and Mrs. Environmentalist, you too need to do your part. If you are complaining about the environment, then why pollute the world with children who do not care? Teach them to respect their surroundings in the home, yard and out in the real world. If you cannot take care of yourself, your actions and your own children, then kindly be quiet.

Recently I saw an extremely liberal American woman driving a 1970 Volvo wagon which leaks oil, is exempt from the stringent new vehicle emissions like the SUV that Jesus would have to drive to bring with him all his disciples, it makes me wonder, what on Earth they are thinking. Certainly not the Earth? Yet the Volvo had more than enough bumper stickers to alert me of how to live my life and what and who to save?

No one wants a dirty environment, everyone wants clean air and water, yet the people making the noise sometimes create unreal situations, blow them out of proportion to make a headline, use the media’s need to create controversy to sell news to promote ads, while never cleaning up their own act. Look what this has done to our country. It is dividing it, and all the while enforcing some of the environmental problems is the least of the real problem. Without a reality check on those squeeky wheels which also exist and pollute, create and bring into the world people with such lax attitudes that they could care less about anyone else besides themselves. I would like to argue this point with someone on the other side, because I have been to every state and every city over ten thousand population in the country now and can honestly say most of the liberal argument is bogus and it is not real. The theory is good and solid on the environmental side, but the actions usually are not. Many of the followers are not minding their own business, yet tell everyone else to mind theirs.

I find those on the left fringe and I am not talking about the caring folks which believe in helping thier fellow man who is unable to help themselves, because clearly those issues are not debated by even the farthest right wing radicals of the other side. I wish to argue point by point every single issue that a far left fringe can come up with. I feel much of the rhetoric is in error and much of the scientific data is botched. Although original intent is most excellent indeed, they methods and lawsuits are all wrong along with the behavior of many of those so dedicated to the movement of cleaners air, water and endangerd species.

From the forest issues causing 120 thousand pounds of underbrush fuel to build up and cause the hotest fires that are so fierce they burn down the old growth instead of clear out the normal 40,000 lbs per acre underbrush. I submit to you that the liberal hikers and nature enthusiats are spreading the Redwood pathogens on their tires, hiking boots and clothing. That the Forest policy of the past is just as much to blame for the destroying of the rain forests and forests than anything else. We need a reality check.

I would like to hear a discussion of this along with why the ELF Environmental Groups are resorting to International Terrorism, burning down structures and homes to help the environment, because last time I checked it appears that smoke from such events causes polluted air in itself. I would like the World Think Tank to discuss these issues and come up with a plan everyone can live with in the freedom we have been gifted by our ancestors.

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