TSA Missteps at Our Airports

The TSA seems to have completely missed the ball at our airports. This is not to say that the Federal Government is completely and utterly incompetent, for that is a whole other debate possibly spanning a thousand agencies? It is also not an immediate call for privatization, as we have already seen the abuses in private police forces and prisons. Local Police Forces have consistently violated our right to free travel under the auspice of homeland security. Some conspiracy theorists claim the clauses in the Patriot Act II are merely a foreshadowing of events to come. These conspiracy theorists go as far as to say that current or near future leadership will use the next large terrorist act to declare Marshall Law and remove the remainder of our rights after they themselves cause the act. Of course such scenarios are more science fiction fantasy than any actual current trend, which are above and beyond the stories of Orson Wells. Yet as we stroll thru our nations airports waiting to board our aircraft one could wonder by the treatment a world where such activities were the norm everywhere you went.

Critics of the thinkers in leadership in Homeland Security say that at first sight it looks like a well-controlled security force to protect us from terrorism, however it does not solve the real issues. These critics sight for instance in the 911 event, the well planned attack the hijackers had studied the system and flown those same airlines, destinations, aircraft and been thru those same terminals testing and observing the system many times. Over and over again as if in the movie “Ground Hog Day.” Today’s security at our airports cannot prevent that type of attack. Because any team wishing to exploit the system could easily do so, by simply watching for holes and understanding the security systems monitoring their actions. The more they go thru the various terminals targeted to be used they would become routine and comfortable, even relaxed to the point that their body language, displacement and demeanor would be virtually undetectable. It would be a bogus notion to believe that all this security is going to prevent another type of attack. It is a complete falsehood to put faith in the current system, which has been put in place. When you fly do you feel safer with all the security or do you feel intimidated and nervous that there must be a real threat or risk for this much control? Hmmm?

At best the new airport security systems are making some feel safer. However the system hastily put in place originally after the 911 event did nothing but destroy the airline and travel industry. Now that airline travel is back up to the same numbers as pre-911, the security is impeding citizens in their right to travel. The airport security harasses, hassles and belittles customers and travelers. While allowing thousands of trips per day of Muslim taxicab, shuttle and bus drivers to enter the airport terminals, many of these folks are resentful and hateful of Christians and America in general. They come from countries such as Syria, Iran, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iraq, Pakistan. Many of them, and yes, I have witnessed this on many occasions, sit in coffee shops and complain about America while badmouthing our 90% Christian society, labeling us as hypocrites. One I listened too, complained about Christians coming into Las Vegas area and then asking to be driven to a local strip club in his taxicab. He said they were hypocrites, yet would not take responsibility for getting paid and making a living driving them there, further stating they tip good. As hundreds of taxicab drivers line up in the staging areas prior to go into the terminals, often near the departure ends of the runways, shouldn’t we be concerned? In doing this they are able to study the vantage points and places where shoulder launched surface to air missiles could be launched. They also have complete knowledge of airport procedures and talk with airport security and behind fence personal. They eat at the same Denny’s Restaurants as mechanics, baggage handlers, refuelers, ground personal and food vendors. It takes a lot to run an airport and airports must hire as many able bodied people as they can to complete these tasks. Unfortunately any future attack will be carried out and assisted by those on the inside.

I know former Wal-Mart Security guards who now work at the TSA. At our airports we harass elderly in wheelchairs. I remember one lady who had a Jewish star around her neck and was in a wheel chair being completely searched? Gee Whiz, isn’t that who we are suppose to be watching over? Do you believe that the PC’ness of all this is a little bit hypocritical seeing as we are now watching our freedoms circumvented and fed a hook, line and sinker story of Fear in the form mass media hysteria, intimidating laws and freedom reductions? Hmmm?

Every time we jump to conclusion without thinking of the ramifications we assist the International Terrorist’s by destroying our freedoms or another industry costing us our hard fought liberty and hundreds of thousands of jobs. A positive job report now, makes little difference considering the hardships we caused American Families, our team, in the last many years. That damage has already been done. Airlines are back up to speed and the travel industry is now recovered, but the negative travel industry sector rotation was caused by our team, not some wannabe cave dweller residing underground in Afghanistan; that is just silly, we need to wake up. I am hearing on the street that there are actually people who believe that Bin Laden Jr. is working for us right now, actually on the payroll, keeping the fear factor going? Obviously such conspiracy theorist see some sort of trend here even if that notion is probably about the most far fetched thing one could imagine. Never the less those who watch freedom closely are not buying into any of this reasoning for curtailing of personal constitutional rights. In doing so they are constantly citing the quote: “He who is willing to give up Liberty for temporary Security, deserves neither security nor liberty.”

Even though many of these conspiracy theorists cannot even name the historical author of that quote, they are quick to point out the fact. Have you thought about that quote recently or read it somewhere? Perhaps watched it said on TV or read it in the Washington Post, NY Times or some academia report lately?

We have set up massive security systems at our airports, but are we really any safer than before 911. The answer is probably a little, some say a lot, but all would agree we are hardly protected from another International Attack. In our country we have the right to travel, which is guaranteed in the Constitution. If we are not going to respect that set of principles and that great plan, why don’t we just rip it up now? In essence we have allowed ourselves to supercede our own Constitution based on fear from International Terrorists who live in caves and continue to willingly give up more of our rights? Hmmm?

You could have all the security you want but a team which plans well in advance with no information leak will have already infiltrated your airport workforce and/or security and thus your safety net to protect travelers is to no avail. We know no greater power in our current realm than an ideal, when that ideal is bound by a religious ideal even more so. Our foes in this case have that advantage and they are using it quite well.

So why all the airport security, is it to prevent an attack or is it really for the government security forces who are losing face, so they keep control and attempt to show they are doing something? Well, are they? And before you answer that; the 9-11 report showed a me that what is going on now is a Public Relations campaign, albeit a bad one. Anytime you disrespect good Americans and use some BS excuse we are doing this for your safety, they will see thru it. Having been to every city in this nation over 10,000 people and had conversations with 1,000’s of Americans, I can tell you, we are not fooling anyone, people and some might debate this just are not as stupid as you think. From the time you enter an airport facility you are confronted with rude, obnoxious and power trip law enforcement; ‘professionals’ who are told and actually believe that they are protecting us from terrorists. Actually without realizing it or not and giving them the benefit of the ‘no higher than 104 IQ’, they more resemble those International Terrorists who attacked us than the nearly one million passengers who travel each day at our largest international airports. Where as some may say they are impressed with the security and that there have been no attacks on our country thanks to security, I would say; “What about all those millions of Americans who lost their jobs after 9-11 due to our political correctness in tightening up perceived risks in our homeland and destroying the flows of our civilization?” Yes, indeed, what about those innocent people with 2.2 kids, white picket fence perusing their American Dreams? Can you deny this statement?

Has the Airport Security efforts of the TSA really prevented any International Terrorist attacks? Richard Reed the shoe bomber was stopped by citizens, he boarded the aircraft without scrutiny of authorities. For all we know there are security authorities who are doubling as members of sleeper cells. As a matter of fact as you study the history of Spies and infiltrators this is not only a tactic, it is a recommendation. So then, we do have security personal in our TSA who are really international terrorists, with perfect records just like the 18 hijackers of 9-11 with not even a traffic ticket amongst them. Think about it.

Are we actually preventing the next attack by airliner or preparing our populations to live like prisoners with the illusion that they are somehow free? Is this the best America can do? Are you satisfied with what you see? Do you feel safe? Do you care? Are you finding yourself having conspiracy theory thoughts? Are you feeling more stressed these days due to the mass media hysteria? Are you willing to stand up and talk about this or are you afraid to rock the boat? Do you rely on your government to save you from the International Terrorist Threat? Do you believe a threat really exists at all?

Here is one for you conspiracy theorists out there, are you finding no one is listening anymore to your critical warnings? Are you feeding into the mass media hysteria on the TV and actually causing more chaos and controversy to an already problematic situation? Do you conspiracy theorists wonder why no one is listening to you and why you are being targeted as anti-establishment?

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