Franchising Democracy and Creating Cohesive World Government

There are so many problems with our perceived perfect checks and balances system of our government, that one cannot use the exact United States version model of government to create a franchise agreement for future governments of the world. A standardized system of government in all countries of the World needs to exist if we are all to live peacefully on the planet, trade and respect each others cultural heritage and tolerate the many different renditions of World Religion. World governments operating equally as a team together, yet separate entities, is possible and such a plan would most resemble a modern day franchise system in the business world.

The US government model appears on the surface to be the most efficient so far and obviously we have proved over time the best to promote a middle class and thus a market for goods and services and sustainable enterprise. So then if we can simply tweak our current system by reducing the number of participants who we call congressmen and re-align districts to serve the geographical needs of people in those areas by way of singular knowing representatives who are volunteers and do receive moderate compensation and not beholden to contributors only beholden to the people of the region. Not necessarily suggesting the removal or boundary changing of states (yet).

Although over time it will become rather apparent that the boundaries of the states in this United States clearly are miss-drawn with regards to helping the most people with the fewest resources, do not take my word for it ask Jack Welch what he would do to fix it, if he were allowed to. The United Countries is a better definition of what we have in the United States as each state has laws and rules so different than their neighbors. The EU is beginning to look more like a group of united states and we are moving away from it. Some states in the US are drawn as bad as some congressional districts I have seen.

Also change is needed in the fairness of the court system, and then we can have a real viable system of government. After that is complete we will have a near perfect system and model that is sustainable and able to be duplicated and replicated using a franchise model so that all countries can use the same format and one which works with the least amount of infighting, which will provide betterment of citizenry, extended markets for World trade and currency with the least possible chance of civil up rising or disruption. Of course many things will have to change and those may take time for instance the cash crop of Afghanistan (poppies).

Once the model is set then that viable system can be duplicated in places all over the world, because we will have fixed what little is wrong with our own methods and thus be able to produce a standard method of operations which works, (like an operations manual) that is the basis for modeling a franchise and that is what our current government most resembles, A Franchise System. Therefore we use this to create a system where everything is standardized including monetary system or one world currency. We can do this slowly and without fear from participants or people, who fear change due to religious beliefs, media hysteria and to much skepticism and paranoia.

We can then institute better systems begin to eliminate overbearing governmental control over certain unneeded agencies, reduce waste, expenses and cut un-necessary administration costs associated with promoting and delivering of non-essentials to people at exorbitant costs to tax-payers and thus eliminate all but the most essential taxes to protect our people. We can redo this slowly on a ten-twenty year plan. But to do so we need help and re-make of our legal system and their perceived objectives. Why is it that we allow attorneys to sue companies that make up our tax base through job payroll contributions, extract millions of dollars to line their pockets in class action lawsuits only to give a couple of dollars to each person who do not even care and many times the lawyers lose most of the one or two dollars in administration of the lawsuit its self; proving class, and distributing checks in the mail. It wastes time in courts and costs us and tax payers millions of dollars per year. This is just one example of the changes we must make in the United States first before we attempt to tell the rest of the world how to run their affairs or suggest a government format that is fair for all concerned in our march toward World Democracy.

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