Military Intelligence, FBI, CIA Intelligence Problems

Well many have complained that the FBI and CIA dropped the ball in the 9-11 attacks. But I submit to you that the days of Paul and the “One if by land, two if by sea” and the Trojan Horse Story are not the only possible attacks methods of operindi available these days. Today it could be: “one if by land, two if by sea, three if by underground, four if by under sea, five if by air, six if by space, seven if by computer, eight if by germ, nine if by Trojan horse, ten if by wave length, eleven if by weather, etc, etc. So the game is much more complicated than sitting behind your cotton tails not saying a thing. Or telling the people every ship must sail and somewhere on that ocean, I know she’s got to be? Think about the situation where the bad guys are as smart as you and have unlimited time to plan and unlimited ways to do it. How can you protect yourself against that? Only by though and infiltration of networks. All this would amount to the strength and unity of the people. Of all these; ones through elevens; are possible scenarios.

Think of the entire array of types of attacks. By germ, well there must be some 200 possibilities. By computer virus attack, think of the unlimited technological targets from plants to business. By space, you have satellites, intercontinental ballistic missiles, land based energy units which can flash a satellite, etc. From the ground you have Earthquakes, dust storms weather, shipping containers, soda machines, buses, trucks, trains, passenger cars, suicide bombers of a multitude of possibilities. When we look at air we see combinations such as spraying AG planes, stealing a jet airliner and using it as a kamikaze, crude technology UAVs, missile, fighter/attack, etc. By sea, underwater submersibles manned and un manned, hijacked ships. By wavelength well we won’t even go there. By the way if you think the National Security team is not doing their job or you are worried about false alarms, being prepared and alert, every American is of ultra importance and there is no such thing as being too prepared. The game has changed and the information flow is intense and the number of possibilities has grown and therefore the job is harder.

Did the FBI or CIA fail, or are we simply looking in hindsight and looking for someone to blame? Before we condemn our own team or the never stop world of intelligence we should remember that the midnight ride was over 200 years ago now and all Paul had to do is spot them coming and let the town know how. Today, they could be coming or be here already and they could be amongst us or invisible to the eye. Big difference my friends. Stop pointing fingers and start listening and thinking, it is the eyes and ears of the people and the education of a society to be alert and not get hurt, we, the people are just as much to blame if you are looking for such. There were people at the airport, people issuing licenses, people doing training, foreign neighbors allowing meetings, people in every piece of the equation, if any of those people would have been observing they may have prevented the whole thing, learn to be observant and pay attention, you that means everyone is responsible for our future.

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