Tracking Over The Road Trucks from Canada

Are you happy with all this so-called security after 9-11? Are you like most Americans I have talked with okay with the color thing and High Security Alert Colors and although the media really gets on your nerves and you feel like you are living in a scene of “The Boy who Cried Wolf” most say there are some rather obvious things they have seen which are just dumb. For instance the other day I saw four guys get out of a semi truck at a truck stop to fuel up and then go park. They were middle easterners and their truck was from Quebec headed South West on the I-80 Highway. Yet this was unusual in that team drivers are usually two people. Not four? Why Four? Were the extra people sneaking into the country? Middle Easterners who come to Canada usually get jobs like taxi drivers, truck drivers, warehouse people, etc. I understand that, those coming to the country with few assets have to start somewhere in our land of opportunity, right? Yet we have pretty open borders in many places and I see 15 trucks every fifteen minutes at nearly every border crossing I have been too from Canada to the USA.

They stop every one of our trucks going that way. We stop virtually none. What I am calling for is a night manager at every truck stop write down all the license plates and all those who get fuel, because they are not the same. They should be paid for getting this information. Then that information loaded into a database at the Homeland Security. Trucks entering our country delivering good should deliver those goods, pick up a load on the way out and use a direct route to the best of their ability minus weather.

Trucks drive about 800-1000 miles without re-fueling, Canadian trucks often longer since they have larger tanks when they do long hauls. I see Canadian trucks in El Paso, I see them in FL, CA, Louisiana, etc. We have deregulation in our country, but little if any requirements of Canadian trucks, free to meander and wander whereever they please, do we check the trucks coming over those borders? Rarely, even if we do we do not check to see inside the cabs only the paper work and seldom look inside, not that we could see anything anyway. A pallet looks like a pallet and it could have anything on it. And in that cab could be four more International Terrorists being delivered to the North East US or anywhere in this country. Then they would mix and mingle and join a mosque and who would ever know? Hell you are not even allowed to ask when they ask for a job. We need to know where these trucks are at all times, every truck coming over the border should have a GPS devise given to them a patch like a 4 inch piece of duct tape stuck to their windshield that the satellite pings every hour. These should be checked against the routes of their destination and bill of lading or other paper work and against their docs and the license plate check. If trucks show weird patterns call up the owner and talk with them on the phone they will tell you what is going on and why they have a sporadic route, maybe they are independent truck drivers.

A Canadian who comes to the US and picks up another load on his way back and delivers it to another US destination should not continue to do so all winter to stay warm, without getting all US licenses, fees, permits in a state where he most likely would normally deliver too. We are so stupid to think that there are not 500 or more bad guys in this country now and surely no less than 50. What are they doing here? What are they thinking they are going to do? Whose neighbors of ours will be killed? Whose children will suffer? This is bogus, this loop hole needs clean up. We have radar type equipment which can see through trucks, check the cabs too, if the people do not like to be radiated stay in Canada. We have equipment that when turned only exposes the people to about the same radiation as someone flying at 30,000 feet in an airliner for 1 minute. So why not use it? At every border crossing with satellite surveillance on all non-borders crossing areas incase one sneaks across one of those back roads, God there must be 100’s.

Our Canadian borders are not much dissimilar to our Southern Border only a hell of a lot longer. Are we really safe? Are we really protecting Americans? Or is this just a big money transfer to those who have friends in Washington DC who are able to have some technology that has never been proven, never been used that should have been deployed three years ago. It is taking too long to get this stuff mass-produced and into the markets and onto the front line. Too much bureaucracy, too many regulations, no cohesive plan and a bunch of rather elaborate Card Game Bluffing. I saw these four guys at a truck stop, called it in and was asked have they broken any laws? How would I know, I only saw them for 3 minutes? Well then if they break a law call us back, So I said fine. I asked them why they had four people in their truck, one approached me as if to challenge me like gorilla would do, the others called him back and they left? Were these guys even here legally, what were their intentions? And who is really looking out.

It appears that the citizens are looking out, no one cares or responds to the leads; the system is over loaded with arrogance and Political Correctness while we all wait for the next event to happen against us. This is unacceptable and you know what, it is not good enough. We do not need to slow the flow of products and good in or out of this country, but there are easy, inexpensive and obvious things we can do to minimize our exposure. For instance giving every Canadian truck driver a cell phone and asking them to look out also, because if something happens they could lose their jobs too. They will rent the phone while in the USA, it will have latest 3G technologies for pinpointing and a GPS devise inside. When they come back over the border we pick it back up. Cost $20.00 per visit for the rental, it will record where they go, stop, sleep and all that ought to match. All data fed into a system, which picks up anomalies in behavior sporadic driving locations, speeding on two-lance highways, dodging scales, etc. Come on America, Think. Meanwhile the reason I know about trucks is because I own one

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I have traveled around the country and seen all the Canadian trucks out there

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many have Middle Eastern Drivers and yes I have been somewhat stereotypical in my observations? I guess I cannot work for the Homeland Security then can I? You tell me what is the deal here? Well I guess we are going to rely on the Intelligence gathering are we? Well so far today we are still looking for a gentleman who is suspected of hiding out somewhere in a cave? Somewhere? Yes, well, yes somewhere on the Planet? Somewhere on the Planet so we are on high alert? What kind of crap is that? I just saw four guys last week all middle eastern at a truck stop jump out of a long haul truck which is suppose to have only two people in it, usually one. But of course no one wanted to get their little butts over there to ask a couple of questions which leads me to believe no one is serious which means we are in serious danger. Are they only interested in scaring us into submission? That is a silly notion considering our heritage and ancestry, Americans will not take that for long.

Government’s only real job is to protect her citizenry; everything else is extra, yet we have not even gotten past that first step yet? Instead we are harassing our own folks, calling it security and allowing flows of people into our borders offering them free driver’s licenses and freedoms we do not give to our own citizens. Spare the BS, I just don’t want to hear it any longer. The fact is the only way you are going to catch these guys is if the citizens themselves catch them hog tie them and wait until you get there? Then you will probably arrest said citizen for kid napping an illegal entrant to their own country? As a matter of fact there are cases in California where a guy tied up a gentleman who trespassed through his back yard after running across a freeway from border patrol, because the border patrol did not show up until the next day and that cruel and unusual? Maybe someday everyone will get serious about these things. Instead of harassing citizens and using the media to promote the political will of those in charge of the money flow in Washington? The media has a field day every time we change colors and scare people, old ladies and single moms. Is this the best we can do? For God’s sake this is the United States of America and it is the year 2005.

This is not good enough people, it’s been over 200 years now, surely we can do better than this. Time to switch back to reality and look out side. Somewhere on the Planet is he? No really? Do tell more? You really think so. Wow? Such a revelation, you know your Intel is better than I thought, I bet your right, I bet he actually is on the Planet, good work men? Very impressive Intel. With all that hard work I bet it is time for another cup of coffee too, while you are at it? Yah sure after 500 billion spent in National Security and continued deficit spending, that’s it; We are pretty sure somewhere on this Planet is he.” Okay back to the subject, bottom line is watch the Canadian truck drivers better and their hitchhikers, we need to know who is in our country especially if they have originally come from a known terrorist state.

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