Let me throw out a random thought on Homeland Security Leadership Structure

Streamlining Homeland Security with a Free market flair? An idea of adding four more components to the joint chiefs of staff; hire a Jack Welch type as an ombudsman to the group, who does not play rank games. Two; Have an additional force called Biological Warfare for both defensive military and civilian populations; Homeland security force to unite the police forces, law enforcement agencies and private sector database team. Add a division to the defensive plan for space efforts with an ombudsman to NASA and laboratories.

Then go recruit all the brain power of the world to work for us. Base pay starting at $200,000 per year and a fully wired residence with available services for whims. If a scientist wants pop tarts, a Starbucks in his home, Sushi bar, vegetarian catered meals or even a fully functional Biosphere to sleep in. Then give it to him or her. Get, kidnap, steal or recruit all the top minds of the world to our side and living in our country. We need all the old scientists of the Soviet Union here, also anyone who can escape to live here in the US.

Then they need assistants, and resources. Spend money on R and D whether it is working on applications for mining the moon, sends people to mars or finding new genetic, protein, pathogen, disease, virus cures or discoveries. It should be a massive undertaking and funded anyway it can be, it will pay for itself. We have so much to learn with regards to miniaturization, weather research, energy, new fuel technology, propulsion, organic information transfer, agriculture methodologies, etc, etc. You always win when you are on the leading edge.

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