Technology and International Terrorism

Airlines do not allow cell phones on board, but they do allow AirCell a specialized new technology for in flight calls. AirCell’s technology has been approved by the FCC because it uses a single regulated frequency. Normal cell phones are not allowed on flights because with the current technology a phone trying to connect with ground cell towers might connect with multiple sites and confusing the system and ties up space and could possibly interfere with avionics, which I disagree because the 900 MHz band is quite unique in its frequency characteristics and not close to the other. AirCell is the only airborne cellular system operating on a traditional cellular frequency band, which has been proven to the FCC not to interfere with nearby communications.

Now then no matter how you feel about the rules of cell phone use while in an airliner, we know they work. Now however due to the rules you may now only use the AirCel. With that said perhaps these AirCel phones could be hooked to the NSA computer to track these phone calls and scan words to instantly identify immediate threats or potential Islamic radicals who are doing dry trial runs. We know that the previous hijackers of 9-11 made many trips to be sure that they knew all the routine just right to prevent problems with their murderous suicide mission. This is a great technology tool for safety of frequency interference, airline additional profit center, National Security and preventing another possible tragedy because we were ill-prepared and underestimated our enemy. Staying heads up as in all citizens to questionable circumstances and behavior along with a little help with the greatest new technology and we can prevent another attack. Trust your instincts, Believe in yourself and trust the technology.

To that point we have another great technology to prevent attack, which shuts off Fuel Trucks, HazMat and even spent nuclear fuel transporters. Read this article: Satellite Security Systems Demonstration Successfully Shut Down of Tanker Truck from Above. “In November a company named; Satellite Security Systems (S3), which is a well known global provider of asset security and logistics control was able to take technology ideas and innovation and put it into action. This was done the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and InterState Oil Company in the demo. It was done completely by wireless remote shutdown mechanisms in the truck. The truck was a fully loaded moving petrochemical tanker truck. All this was done from S3’s headquarters in San Diego – 530 miles from the demonstration site – satellite communications were used to disable the truck in seconds, proving S3’s GlobalGuard and FleetGuard a viable solution to the challenge of controlling rogue hazardous waste vehicles that could pose a threat to homeland security. The event, conducted on CHP Academy grounds in Sacramento and administered by the CHP, addresses ongoing concerns about the affordability of effective security technology, stealthiness of such a security device, and how GPS monitoring can be incorporated safely into law enforcement protocol.” “The communications backbone for the GlobalGuard system is the Motorola ReFLEX satellite communications system. The ReFLEX system is a secure, two-way messaging infrastructure that stretches across North America (US, Canada, and Mexico) and is also available throughout Europe and Asia. Compared with competing data networks, ReFLEX’s capabilities provide a wide range of crucial technical and economic advantages. S3 adds the government’s GPS data to keep decision makers fully aware of operational circumstances. Lastly, a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week Monitoring and Support Center (MSC) is staffed with trained professionals to respond immediately to emergency situations.” “Satellite Security Systems’ GlobalGuard technology secures, tracks, and controls assets throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada for clients including military, government, police, and the consumer market. With GlobalGuard, users can communicate with, monitor, track, analyze and control the movement of virtually any object in transit. The integration of Motorola’s two-way satellite communications, on-board CPU and an integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) make it possible for GlobalGuard users to send data back and forth from a central command unit or monitoring center while being continually alerted to new or dynamic changes.” (source: Satellite Security Systems).”

By using this technology a satellite could systematically shut down possible targets within the realm of possible paths at power plants, bridges, dams, airports, fuel depots, train tracks, power lines and water supply. There could be roadway cement barricades rise up to block attackers, trains stopped and relays of information to first responders and military. All Net-Centric. Every thing automated and information instantaneous. Is this possible? It appears that it maybe soon. Satellites play a huge part in our future National Security.

The answer to International Terrorism is alertness (staying heads-up), preparedness, technology and will.

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