Harmonic Beams to Pre-Detonate Shoulder Launched Surface to Air Missiles

Using Harmonic Beams to Pre-Detonate Shoulder Launched Surface to Air Missiles near airport departure and arrival flight paths. We could use a Harmonic Beam pulse on a close system harmonic beam to pre-detonate explosives that International Terrorists may want to use on such as Hand Held SAMs. As they approach the airport road, staging area in a Taxi Cab or private automobile the harmonic beam would force the detonation of the devise and blow them up, HA HA. If they tried to cross a certain imaginary line.

The harmonic beam would be sent to a specially designed dampening device except in the center of the catch devise, then it would be sent by wires back underground to the starting point. There is technology to do this with sound beams and a close loop system would use hardly any power and would only be running during operations and since it is directional it does not interfere with VASI lights, airport communications, ground control or aviation frequencies, since it will not be pointed at or near an aircraft. This is simply using the fundamental principles of Judo. Use your opponent’s strength against him?

By using the special harmonic technologies we can eliminate the international terrorist insurgent before he fires the weapon and the bonus is his own weapon blows him up, thus no further cost to the tax payer in court time, prison or deportation.

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